Primer’s Complete Visual Guide to Men’s Shorts

Guide to Men's Shorts Proper Cloth Custom Dress Shirts
how men's shorts should fit
how men's shorts should not fit
patterns and fabrics for men's shorts
best shoes to wear with men's shorts
accessories to wear with men's shorts
ugly men's shorts
best shorts for men
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  • K Hardin

    I’m new to shorts. I’ve been so busy my daily life with work I never had a chance to wear anything outside of uniform, but now I am trying to change some things up. I have issues buying pants due to my size. When I try them on I have a 33 inch waist; however my thighs are about 30 inches each (school career of cross country and soccer). For shorts, what am I looking for?

  • Javier Rebagliati B.

    What’s the name for the length of the short short? (the one that’s recommended, obviously!)

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