Primer’s Complete Visual Guide to Men’s Shorts

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Primer’s Complete Visual Guide to Men’s Shorts Updated

Guide to Men's Shorts Proper Cloth Custom Dress Shirts
how men's shorts should fit
how men's shorts should not fit
patterns and fabrics for men's shorts
best shoes to wear with men's shorts
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  • K Hardin

    I’m new to shorts. I’ve been so busy my daily life with work I never had a chance to wear anything outside of uniform, but now I am trying to change some things up. I have issues buying pants due to my size. When I try them on I have a 33 inch waist; however my thighs are about 30 inches each (school career of cross country and soccer). For shorts, what am I looking for?

  • Javier Rebagliati B.

    What’s the name for the length of the short short? (the one that’s recommended, obviously!)

  • joshsouzaphotos

    I usually wear pretty long shorts, I’m trying to change my attire a bit… but I won’t wear anything shorter ever than knee covered. No one wants to see man thigh, or possibly even some man parts when sitting down.

    • Aaron

      Even if your shorts are two inches above your knee, sitting down isn’t going to expose any man parts unless your man parts happen to be incredibly long. As for showing some thighs, it seems to have been quite popular with the ladies these days.

  • Tynkyr Belle

    MEN do not wear capris pants.


    Unless you want to advertise your vagina – don’t wear them.

  • Gino

    Sorry but the US is 12% black, 15% Latin, 4% others … the rest is white or so.
    Wearing XXL shorts and showing your butt and underwear is what clones do. And that goes to all races !

  • Gino

    Please, a lot of countries look at shorts as goofy or effemminate. Before packing, please read about the daily wear of the locals. Last thing you want to do is wear shorts or a hawaiian shirt and locals staring and laughing at you. Same goes for hiking boots.

  • Boris

    You haven’t got a fucking clue style-wise. How to look like a complete an utter spiv. Let me guess. To match those chino shorts, a nice v-neck sweater worn casually of the shoulders?

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  • Chuck

    Why avoid denim?

  • Lkinlin

    We are going on a trip to Europe and have been advised not to dress “American”. I think this is a great guide for men who will be traveling abroad & want not to bring attention to them selves as being American! Unfortunately looking American targets you to be pick pocket victim!

  • wtf am i reading?

    Aoid jeans and reccomend bracelets?
    Laughable combination. Really.

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  • Trevor

    These bright colors are for women.

    I just don’t repect feminized advice. Wouldn’t be caught dead in bright shorts. Pathetic…

  • Mike

    It is just stupid lunacy that a man can’t wear a pair of shorts above his knees without having his sexuality questioned. Very Sad.