How Sponsored Posts Work on Primer | Primer

It is very important to me that our readers feel they can trust Primer. Be that in the content of an article or our relationship with sponsors and advertisers.  Advertising on Primer is very black and white: a company pays money to get their brand on the site. There are no quid pro quo's, and they can't pay us money to write nice things about them.

We don't publish “advertorials,” a blatant advertisement disguised as a real post. This takes advantage of the trust between Primer and you, and we would never mislead you like that.

When an advertiser sponsors an article, they believe in the message of the article. In return for supporting the creation of the article financially, they receive a small advertisement on the article, no different than when a company sponsors a football broadcast. Coke doesn't decide the winners of the game, and our sponsors have no say in our content. If a sponsored post includes a product by the sponsor, that product was chosen by Primer, not the sponsor.

Put simply, our opinions aren't for sale, never have been, never will be.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to drop me a note on our contact page.

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