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Primer is not your typical men’s magazine. We dig deep into issues guys in their 20s and 30s face like relationship development, career success, and personal wellness. We strive for content that is not featured anywhere else. As men we are no longer interested in articles like “The 10 Best Spring Break Hot Spots” but are not ready for “Breakdown: 10 Spots to Escape Your Mid-Life Crisis.” At Primer, we search for new, contemporary ways of bettering ourselves, as well as returning to the thoughtful principles of manhood that may have skipped our generation.

Courage and thoughtfulness; confidence and honor; conviction and open-mindedness; strength and sensitivity; style and self.

As a departure from the status quo of typical men’s media, we are shredding the portrait traditional platforms like GQ and novel ones like social media paint of us. We’re over week-long binge drinking and the post-pubescent hunt for random hookups. We want to stay in shape and dress well but don’t relate to the idea of wanting or needing a $2,500 suit. We want to find, build, and care for our families while also nurturing our own needs and interests.

It would be nice if we all had successful older brothers who were happily married, the life of every party, and made VP by 35. They could offer incalculable career advice, social training, financial and investing tips, and key points to keeping your knockout partner. While we all can’t be that lucky, Primer may be the next best thing. With expert writers contributing from all walks of life, we can learn from their experiences as if they were our own and apply them moving forward.

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Who Am I?

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In 2008 I was 24, fresh out of college, and newly relocated to Los Angeles from the east coast, having attended school in DC but grown up in rural Pennsylvania.

Leaving anything always feels a bit like starting over, but driving four days across the country and starting the rest of my life in Los Angeles was more stressful than any transition I’d ever done before. After 8th grade is…9th grade. After high school is… college.

After college is…the rest of your life.

As I stepped out of my ‘99 Chevy Cavalier beneath that bright Hollywood sign I felt like a petrified deer in the headlights of adulthood’s metaphorical Mac truck. Here’s a small selection of the things that were running through my head:

  • I’ve got to get a job
  • But not just any job – it needs to be at a great company where I can learn a lot and have growth opportunity so that I’m not wasting my time and getting behind
  • This job needs to pay well because I just moved to Los Angeles and the cost of living is insane
  • I need to start a 401(k) immediately or I’ll die poor
  • Wait, what is a 401(k)?
  • How am I supposed to get the Best Job Ever with zero work experience and crippling shyness?
  • If I get an interview, what do I wear?
  • How do I buy a suit?
  • How do I negotiate a salary?
  • How do I design an apartment on a budget that I won't be embarrassed by?
  • No, seriously, what is a 401(k)?

In that moment, there was nowhere for me to turn.

Back in the day I had always loved GQ and Esquire but let’s face it – they don’t talk about any of that. Great for $900 t-shirts, window shopping, and scoffing at ridiculous fashion trends, but not much else.

A screenshot of the original homepage from 2008, visualizing just how far the site has evolved from the early days of the internet.
We've come a long way since 2008.

Instagram and Tik-tok didn't exist.

Podcasts didn’t exist.

Youtube didn’t exist.

Hell, Twitter didn’t exist.

I knew what I was going through had to be common, so I decided to create the very resource I desperately needed.

I didn’t start Primer because I thought I was some wise expert who had all the right answers. Quite the opposite. I was just another directionless guy staring into the abyss we call adulthood.

I started Primer to learn the things I didn’t know. The things our culture and schools don’t teach us. The things every guy must discover in order to grow, define what success means to him, achieve it, and reach lasting happiness.

Unbelievably, I've been doing it ever since. I’ve been working on Primer for almost half of my life. An eternity separates the guy who started Primer from the man I am now, but it feels like Primer is just getting started.

What began as a resource for post-college guys has grown and evolved into something for everyone regardless of age or life stage. The average Primer reader is actually in his late 20s or 30s with some in middle school and many over 60 – and fully 20% of our audience are women.

Primer is only possible because some unpredictable search engine voodoo or stray social media post or a friend’s recommendation brought each of you to this very site.

Without you, Primer is nothing.

a before and after photo of the author, from 2008 and the present day showing that while age waits for no one, our commitment to primer's value has remained unchanged
Then and now: One of our very first infographics on how to wear a suit and our latest guide to business casual

Primer is its readers – its readers are Primer. Most of our contributors, designers, photographers, developers, and advertisers started as a reader.

I’m proud of how long we've been around, but I’m so much prouder of this rare community of thoughtful, helpful, passionate people that has grown up around Primer. In the early days I would see nastiness and negativity in the comment sections of other websites and wonder when it would infect our community.

It never happened.

For those of you who have been here from the beginning, I’m humbled by your support and beyond thankful for your contribution. If you’re new, welcome, it’s only getting better from here.

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