Live Action Getup: Summer Days

With an intentional use of textures and fabrics, this Getup can juggle activities, venues, and dress levels with ease.

Men summer shorts outfit inspiration floral short sleeve oxford green hiking shorts gray espadrilles - The Getup by Primer

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men summer fashion outfit ideas green shorts espadrilles

Short sleeve oxford shirt: Gap, $24 / Shorts: Gap, $33 / Espadrilles: Shown – H&M, Soludos, $55 / Watch: Timex, $21 / Sunglasses: Oakley, $130

Even though espadrilles are technically a casual, seaside shoe, their simple design and profile, along with a roped sole versus rubber, can actually give an outfit a more dressed up appearance; versus say, a pair of vans, but certainly less so than the effect loafers would have. This along with some other strengths, makes espadrilles a smart choice when you have to move in and out of different kinds of events in the day.

The ones I'm wearing were a steal at $17, though this color sold out after we did our feature. You can upgrade to the higher-priced Soludos.

Gap refers to these shorts as “hiking shorts” but that's just a way to call out that the front pockets have visible seems. This is a simple way of giving a pair of flat front shorts more visual interest, a tool you can make use of if you think your outfit is missing something or feels too simple.

timex weekender nato khaki, olive shorts, floral oxford shirt - men fashion

Watch: Timex, $21 / Strap: Amazon, $11

The floral pattern, as well as the modern fit, on this short sleeve oxford shirt keeps it from looking like a uniform for a big box store. And the extra structure provided by the oxford cloth allows you to transition into less casual venues as the day goes on.

The fit on this shirt is near perfect. You want the tail to hit about midway down the fly on your shorts, and the sleeves should be slim to the arms and end right around halfway down your bicep, though depending on the shirt they can be a smidge longer.

Men summer outfit - short sleeve white oxford

H&M gray Espadrilles

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  • Zac Silk

    I’m actually wearing something similar to this today. A pair of blue swimming shorts, a white henley and grey espadrilles. In fact, espadrilles were one of the only two shoes I packed for a week away.

    The short sleeve Oxford looks great with shorts, Gap I’ve found is really consistent with what they put out. I’ve just lost one of their popover shirts, but hopefully I can pick one up next summer as their product lines tend to follow a pattern. But I’m yet to try their short sleeve shirt.

    Seems like I should give them a try. .jpg

    • Andrew

      Nice! Looks great! I tried to email you at the address you use for Disqus, did you happen to get it?

      • Zac Silk

        Hi Andrew, thanks for the compliments. I didnt unfortunately. here’s my email if you wouldn’t mind resending it? : [email protected]

        Failing that would it be easier to DM over Twitter? My handle is: ZackSilk

  • Zac Silk
  • Ross

    Like this outfit. I myself haven’t been able to get into the espadrilles scene yet but this might be the push I need. I was wondering if a jersey polo would work here as well depending on the weight comparison with the Oxford. I know for me, oxfords can sometimes be a heavier fabric especially in hot weather. I was wondering Andrew, and/or Zac, if either of you have a recommendation on where I can find a good jersey polo in navy and gray? I seem to be having trouble finding ones that don’t ride up in the torso. Thanks! Good stuff as always Andy!

    • Andrew

      Hey Ross, Can you tell me more about the riding up? What’s causing it? I’ve gotten jersey polos I like in the past from Uniqlo, H&M, and Target, and somewhere like Banana Republic if you want to spend a little more.

      • Ross


        The ones that always seem not to be long enough and ride up tend to hit at the waist. When they ride up it’s usually when I raise my arms or stretch to reach something.

        • Andrew

          Ohhh yeah….Hmmm I feel like polos always end up bunching around the waist if not adjusted periodically.

    • Zac Silk

      Hi Ross, I’ve got polos from mostly Gap and I understand what you’re going through. Although they came out with some jersey polos this year that may go on sale soon.

      Like Andrew said it may be a case of adjusting them in the waist. Failing that maybe it’s worth going to the mall and trying H&M/ Uniqlo or other brands and different sizes to get that perfect fit we all strive for.