The Best Dress Pants for Every Budget

The Best Dress Pants for Every Budget
Despite what you may think, you do have options when it comes to dress pants. Check out some of our top picks.

A tailored jacket, a knit tie, and a crisp shirt…this combination cannot shine if you’re not intentional about your pants. In years past, you had to drop serious cash if you wanted a pair of dress pants that had a nice drape and a svelte cut; or if you were on a budget, you could go to your local department store and grab a pair that were cut baggier than golf knickers from 1926. For many of us, this predicament relegated dress pants to more of a sartorial afterthought to be worn only when absolutely required.

Luckily, myriad companies are catching on that you can make pants at a reasonable price that actually look modern, and this is important because it creates more options depending on your needs. Do you wear dress pants every day? Are they chinos or slacks? And how much do you really want to spend?

Price point isn’t the only area of consideration; there are also fabrics to choose. Wool, cotton, or linen (if it’s summertime) are classic choices each with a unique drape, and they all allow your skin to breathe. And while it once got a bad rep, polyester has come a long way in the world of textiles. Look at the tag on even an expensive pair of dress pants, and you may find there’s polyester in the blend. Though it was once reserved for golf shorts and hiking pants, polyester has woven its way into dress pants with the “tech” moniker. These tech blends offer wrinkle resistance, quick drying, moisture wicking, and water resistance.

Here are a few options to get your dress pants game on point depending on what you need and how much you want to spend:

Entry Level Dress Pants

I’m a school teacher, which means I wear chinos every day to work with a shirt and tie. But I also have three little kids and a wife with a new business in the works, which means the budget is pretty tight. When it comes time for me to shop for work pants, I live in the $20-60 range because

  1. I need enough pairs to get me through the week.
  2. I can get a damn nice looking pair of pants for $20-60, and
  3. I’m pretty clumsy, so when I ruin a pair of light blue chinos with a black dry-erase marker, it’s not the end of the world.

If you need work pants that look polished without breaking your wallet, here are a few options worth checking out.

Bedford flex dress chino

J.Crew Factory Bedford Flex Dress Chino

J.Crew Factory, $34.99

Cotton with a hint of spandex for flexibility. Dress chinos are an obvious gateway into the dress pants game. Just keep in mind as chinos, they’re probably a little casual for the board room.

Jomers Taupe Sharkskin Vitale Barberis Canonico Dress Pants

Jomers Sharkskin Vitale Barberis Canonico Dress Pants

Jomers, $64

Jomers sources their 100% wool from Vitale Barberis Canonico, a nearly 400-year-old Italian fabric mill. These lightweight taupe slacks are perfect for year-round wear.


Uniqlo Houndstooth Kando Pants

Uniqlo, $29.90

Uniqlo’s tech pants are cut with an ultra lightweight fabric to keep wrinkles away while still letting your skin breathe.

ASOS DESIGN slim suit pants in 100% wool Harris Tweed in gray

ASOS Slim Suit Pant in 100% wool Harris Tweed

ASOS, $66.50

Harris Tweed dates back to the mid 1800s in Scotland, where wool fabric was made so well that it was sometimes used as currency. These pants carry the Harris Tweed name but at a bargain price. I’m buying these. I’m buying the whole suit.

best dress pants brands banana republicBanana Republic Slim-Tapered Wool Blend Pant

Banana Republic, $83 on sale

Banana Republic dress pants are some of the best you can get for the price when you can pick them up on sale. Regularly 40-50% off, it's easy to find wool, linen, cotton, and wool blend dress pants for around $70-$80. Also available in an athletic taper for guys with bigger legs.

Men's Slim Fit Year'rounder Wool Dress Pants

Land's End Slim Fit Wool Dress Pant

Land's End, $89.95

Lands’ End clothing strikes the perfect balance between quality and affordability. They guarantee their clothing. What’s that mean? I recently had two Lands’ End dress shirts with plackets that were starting to fray. I called Lands’ End, and in a few days, I had two new shirts on my doorstep.

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Mid-Level Dress Pants

Yes, there really is a difference between a $8 bottle of wine and a $25 bottle, and the same goes for dress pants. Once you start approaching the $100 mark in dress pants, you notice a few details: the fabric is smoother against your skin and has a more natural and flattery drape, it will seldom wrinkle as much as less expensive pants, and the construction will be stronger (meaning these pants will probably last you a long while).

Whether you don’t need to wear dress pants every day (so maybe you only need two pairs instead of five), or you do need to wear dress pants every day and want to make the long-term investment, these are a few great choices. category/pants/slim/ludlown essential slimfit pant in stretch fourseason wool/J6061?color name=classic navy

J.Crew Ludlow Slim Fit Stretch Wool Pant

J.Crew, $128

Made of lightweight wool with a touch of poly and elastane for stretch and shape retention, the Ludlow pant is a classic in the J.Crew line. These pants are a great all-season alternative to suit pants or chinos.

Spier and Mackay Drago Dress Trousers

Spier and Mackay, $138

Wool is measured by grams per square meter (meaning it’s measured by weight), and anything above 250gsm is considered heavyweight wool. These pants are 265gsm, which means two things: 1. They’re warm as hell, and 2. They’ll last you forever. Oh, and the buttons are made of real horn. Mic drop.

Stretch Weekday Warrior Dress Pants

Bonobos Stretch Weekday Warrior Dress Pant

Bonobos, $98

Bonobos has become synonymous with clean silhouettes, quality construction, and middle-of-the-road pricing (especially if you catch a sale). Right now if you get one of their Daily Grind dress shirts along with a pair of these pants, you get 25% off.
Tech Smart Slim Fit Stretch Wool Dress Pants

Nordstrom Tech-Smart Slim Fit Stretch Wool Dress Pant

Nordstrom, $129

“Tech” does not mean you should go hiking in these. It means that these are a lightweight wool with 3% spandex for stretch and wrinkle resistance. Great for travel, great for summer.

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High End Dress Pants

If you want the best, and your budget allows it, it’s hard to do much better than these pants. Top-tier construction combined with the softest fabrics like cashmere and virgin wool make for pants that will last for years and guarantee that you get compliments each time you wear them.

Keep in mind that most pants at this price point come with an unfinished hem, the idea being that if you choose to invest this much in a pair of pants, you’ll want your tailor to make sure the length is customized specifically to your body.

Suit Supply Jort Bolton Fishtail Trousers

Suit Supply, $269

Made of 90% wool and 10% cashmere, these trousers are the perfect blend of soft, smooth, and downright handsome. And no, cuffs have never gone out of style.

Hugo Boss Navy Genesis Slim Fit Virgin Wool Trousers

Hugo Boss Slim Fit Virgin Wool Trousers

Mr. Porter, $200

“Virgin” wool means it came from the first shearing of the sheep, so it’s the softest wool you can get. These pants come with an unfinished hem, so make sure you have a tailor on standby.
Parker Flat Front Plaid Wool Trousers

Zanella Flat Front Plaid Wool Trousers

Nordstrom, $375

These trousers have a smooth drape (thanks to the 100% wool construction), a subtle glen plaid pattern, and have a classic cut with a low rise. And did we mention they’re made in Italy?

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Do you have a favorite pair of dress pants? Keep the list going in the comments below~

Mike Henson

Mike Henson is a literature teacher in Hershey, Pennsylvania. He enjoys shooting 35mm film, restoring vintage straight blades, purchasing too many American-made goods, and spending time with his wife and their three daughters.