Live Action Getup: Pick a Direction & Drive

Live Action Getup: Pick a Direction & Drive
Hit the road in this clean summer style.

G-SHOCK believes a watch should be resilient and stylish; just like a modern man. We're proud to partner with them on this Getup!

What is this?

It’s Friday and you knock off work early, but another evening at the gym or out with your friends sounds monotonous and unsatisfying. Maybe you’ve been in a rut, or a relationship is heavy on your mind, or maybe –

You just need to a pick a direction and drive.

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Spontaneous adventure, seeking out the unknown, the tug of the open road – all are inspiration for this Getup built around the rugged, uncompromising G-SHOCK G-STEEL GST-B100D.

We’ve featured G-SHOCK watches before – and you’ve definitely seen the colorful, chunky G-SHOCK on the street – but the fact is there’s never been a G-SHOCK like this. The G-STEEL is equally at home at a  5-star restaurant as it is carving up twisty roads.

Designed to withstand G-SHOCK’s Triple 10 test (any G-SHOCK watch must withstand a 10 meter drop, 10 atmospheres of water pressure, and have a battery life of 10 years) the G-STEEL carries on a horological tradition prized by first responders, special forces, and other all-around hardasses who demand toughness and reliability from their watches.

As we’ve written about in our testing, this is a heck of a versatile piece. In addition to the legendary anti-shock capability of other G-SHOCK watches, the G-STEEL’s Bluetooth connectivity, LED light (Super Illuminator), and solar-charging battery make it a technological marvel.

But in an unexpected twist for such a durable watch, the stainless steel build and thin width mean it’s elegant enough to wear to a business or formal event.

The combination of toughness and elegance make it the perfect summer watch – after all, this is the season to hang out, make your own adventures, and take risks you can’t – or won’t – in the cooler months.

The G-STEEL is paired with a Uniqlo premium linen shirt, which is perfect for the heat. Meant to be worn wrinkled, the texture of this linen piece always fetches compliments when I wear it out.

Contrasting the creamy linen are a pair of dark twill chino shorts – any black, darker blue or brown will look great. Further down, you can rock a pair of espadrilles, a traditional fashion-forward summer shoe distinctive for braided jute trim. You’d be equally at home in a pair of Toms or Vans if espadrilles aren’t your style. The bag is our team favorite waxed canvas duffle from S-Zone. Rounding out the accessories with the G-STEEL are my trusty AJ Morgan Castro Rounds (full review here).


You might notice this Getup is fairly subdued when it comes to color. That’s intentional.

This summer we’ve been getting away from the idea that summer clothes have to be colorful. It feels like New England prep, with its bright pastels and bold accent colors, is the default summer reference point for a lot of guys. Which is ironic, considering a lot of the same guys only wear dark or black denim and rugged boots in the fall and winter. Bright colors are great, but I’m increasingly interested in how to make subtle, subdued earth tones, grays, and white work for the ultimate summer outfit.

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Whether it’s a daredevil adventure or a reflective drive with the top down, I hope this Getup inspires you to seek out your own new backroads this summer. With the right gear, you can’t go wrong.

Get the Look

Watch: G-SHOCK G-STEEL, $400

Linen shirt: Uniqlo, $30

Espadrilles (similar): Soludos, $37

Shorts: RVCA, $50

Sunglasses: AJ Morgan, $13

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