Your New Favorite $12 Sunglasses

Your New Favorite $12 Sunglasses
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Your New $12 Favorite Sunglasses   Review

Tell me if one of these describes you:

  1. You lose or break every pair of sunglasses you buy
  2. You have a nice pair of sunglasses, but every time you need them – in the car, getting out of the office for an afternoon coffee – you never have them on you
  3. The idea of spending $200 on sunglasses makes you do the dismissive heavy nasal snort

If you're like me, then you're a little bit of all of them. I like sunglasses. Especially in the warmer months, the shades you choose can have a defining influence on your outfit as a whole. Wrap-around Oakley's with your suit at a summer wedding? Like wearing socks with sandals…with cargo shorts…and Guy Fieri hair. But who has the money to buy nice sunglasses only to lose or break, and which you'll never have on you when you need them?

That's why I love finding a killer pair of cheap shades. Look great, no budget guilt, and zero care given if they're lost. And, you can use them as an extra pair to stash in your car or your bag.

Our pick is the AJ Morgan Castro Round that we discovered on Amazon that rings up for only $12.57 with free one day Prime shipping. With plastic frames and temples and a bridge made of metal, these affordable sunglasses offer some serious style reminiscent of the Persol Calligrapher PO3165S ($165) and the Ray-Ban RB4274 ($175).

Want a style that's more like the Wayfarer? Check out our review of the $7 polarized(!) tortoiseshell by Gamma Ray.

Pick up the AJ Morgan Castro Round on Amazon

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