The Casual Outfit That Will Carry You Through The Rest Of Summer

Simple can be stylish, too.

Sometimes when I’m planning a Getup, I think of an old children’s book titled, “Simple Pictures Are Best”. The plot is, well, simple: a photographer tries to get a married couple to take an anniversary portrait together; the couple, despite the photographer’s best efforts, tries to jazz up the composition with everything from their pet cat to some earrings to a squash from the garden. Hijinks (and a stampeding bull) ensue.

While I’m a fan of layers and patterns (and even layering patterns), there is something nice about a clean, simple Getup. Especially in the dog days of summer, when it’s hot and humid and boot weather seems very far away.

This Getup is simple-but-polished, direct-but-reserved, and strong-but-not-showy.

As with any super simple outfit, the details are what make it work — and most crucially, any guy can wear it and look great.

men summer outfit black tshirt brown shorts white sneakers the getup

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Strong, Subtle Colors

Pause for a moment and look at the color palette. Faded black flows into brownish gray into white leather. It’s the colors of weathered rock, or driftwood. The colors that things get when baked in the hot summer sun.

The lack of bright colors and extra features on the pieces themselves make it minimalist. It’s not flashy but it’s intentional. It’s not preppy but it’s polished.

Take a closer look at the t-shirt, shorts, watch, and shoes and layers of texture emerge.

A man wearing a black pocket t-shirt and brown shorts

Material Matters

The t-shirt is a fitted slub cotton pocket tee. Slub is a type of cotton that contains small imperfections, like lumps, divots, and areas that are more and less dense. It gives this piece a bit of texture and a lightweight, worn feeling that’s halfway to vintage without the premium vintage price tag.

It’s not solid black, either. The black is faded, which reinforces the texture and makes it much more than a straight-from-the-three-pack beefy T.

Paired with the t-shirt are Goodthreads’ 7″ Flat-Front Comfort Stretch Chino Short. 7 inches might be a bit shorter than a lot of guys are used to wearing. If you’re one, let me argue my case in Primer’s Complete Visual Guide to Shorts. Getting the right short length is the quickest, easiest way to add polish when wearing them in the summer months.

The brownish-gray is an interesting color you don’t see often in summer, when khaki or dark blue are highly common. This hue anchors the outfit with a dark, neutral tone that contrasts sharply with the white sneakers.

Adding another texture to the outfit, leather sneakers bring richness to just about anything, and that’s true here, too.

black tshirt brown shorts white sneakers

LA actor Sam Bayaraa proves great style doesn't have to be flashy fashion

A Simple Watch Adds Meaning

If you’ve caught our recent feature My Life Story In Four Watches, you know how watch choice can really shift the tone of an outfit — and help define your style identity.

To match the minimalist vibe, I chose a simple, functional watch with brown leather strap to complement the leather sneakers and brown tones in the shorts.

A man standing next to a brick wall

One Summer Outfit To Get You All The Way To Fall

I’m especially proud of this Getup because it’s great for everyone from modestly proportioned guys to big dudes, and the pieces are high quality but definitely on the affordable side. I’ve already worn it out a couple times and it’s been an instant favorite, good for summer gatherings that are casual or more dressed up.

So check it out, make it your own, and let me know how you wear this Getup for the rest of summer. There’s only a month or so left, so make the most of it.

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What pieces are your end of summer must-haves? Let us know in the comments.

Andrew Snavely

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