How to Throw a Football with a Perfect, Powerful Spiral – A Visual Guide

How To Throw a Football With a Perfect, Powerful Spiral (Step-by-Step)

Don't settle for just “not embarrassing yourself” and torpedo that pigskin to Uncle Chuck with these tips from 4-time Superbowl champion Joe Montana.

1. Hold The Ball Close To Your Chest

2. Slightly bend your knees – Montana suggest a slight bend, not too deep, with 70% of your weight on your back foot. This is loading the spring.

3. Stand With Feet Shoulder Width Apart

4. Grip 2 to 3 laces on the back half of the ball – Find a grip that feels comfortable, this will ultimately be what works best for you.

5. Draw it high – Pull the ball back so the bottom is about in line with your ear.

6. Air Pocket Between Palm – Grip the ball with your fingertips, allowing a air pocket between your palm and the ball.

7. Powerfully Pull Your Left Arm Down and Away To Start Hip Rotation – This releases the spring, and is where your power, distance, and speed comes from.

8. Open Your Shoulders To Face The Target

9. Pivot Your Front Foot Forward

10. Allow Your Hip Rotation To Draw Your Throwing Arm Forward

11. Release The Ball – Start your spiral by rotating your hand until your thumb is pointing down.

12. Transfer All Your Weight To Your Foot

13. Continue Your Release – Your throwing hand should end around the opposite pocket.

14. Bask In Your Impressive Athleticism – before you get sacked..

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    Weird… sent out their newsletter on the same subject just an hour before primer.

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      Haha! That’s crazy, Thanksgiving is a big time for football.

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    Tobias Amberger

    On they had a video on how to throw a perfect spiral. Don’t remember who said it, but if you additionally grab the ball with your index finger in between seam before the laces you got one more pressure point to rotate the ball.

    I tried it .. needs some practice, but I got a much better spiral with that. Thought I’d share that.

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      Nice! Thanks for sharing.

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    suprised bradshaw made it!

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