How to Find a Job

The Future is Now: Changing Careers

If the concept of choosing what you want to do for the rest of your life at 18 now sounds utterly ridiculous, you owe it to yourself to get on a better path. We'll show you how.

The Future is Now: Nailing the Interview

Perhaps the single most important part of the job-finding process, the interview makes a nervous wreck out of even the most stoic of gentlemen. Here's the inside scoop for coming out on top.

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10 Ways to Beat the Post-College Slump

Finding a job in this climate is hard for everyone, but especially so for recent graduates. Many are forced to move home with their parents and take jobs they previously held in high school. Fear not... [more]

Top-Earning Entry-Level Jobs [infographic]

Many people would like to have great salaries right after they finish their studies -- or even during them. Instead of working many years for a better job position and a better salary, some people ... [more]

Your Job Search: How Long Ya Wanna Make It?

You've sent out the resumes, signed up for, and have been diligently crafting cover letters for months, with little to show for it and no job prospects in sight. The simple reason for all ... [more]