Date Ideas

The Man-Menu: Tomato Tossed Pasta

A simple meal at home can be tastier and more romantic than an expensive restaurant. With Valentines Day coming up (ahem) we Recession proof your plans with this easy homemade meal that won't hamper ... [more]

A Different Kind of Date Night

Seeing this week's blockbuster might keep you up on the latest from Hollywood, but it can make for a lousy date routine if you never take your girl anywhere else. In an effort to keep things fresh, ... [more]

What to Look for in a Fancy Pants Restaurant

Whether you’re trying to figure out where to go on a date or want to have a fancy night on the town with a group of friends, fine dining can offer food and atmosphere you won't be able to find at ... [more]

10 Date Movies Worth Revisiting

Whether it's a first date or a six month anniversary, the simple pleasure of a good movie with good company is a timeless one. The next time you're staying in and want to spark some love and the mood... [more]

Top Five Dates Under $15

Got a lot of love to give but not a lot of cash? No problem. Impress your girl with these fun and inexpensive dates that anyone can afford.

5 Chick Flicks You’ll Be Able to Stand

You'd rather be watching "Batman Begins" for the sixth time, but your girl wants to watch "something romantic." Avoid a tortuous time by popping in one of these Primer approved chick flicks your ... [more]