Mental Training

Brain Training: Why Mindfulness Matters

When we don't train for the surprisingly strenuous task of controlling our own thoughts and emotions, we can't enforce any control over our attention, our reactions, and how we perceive our lives.

Why Your Lazy Ass is Making You Depressed

Feeling down in the dumps? In a rut? Worthless and self-loathing? You’re in luck, because the doctor is in and he’s got just the prescription for you: get off your flabby ass and move.

A Man’s Introduction to Yoga

You may have a vision of yoga as being something only ladies do, but the practice of training your body and breathing has incredible benefits for everyone, the manliest of men included. Check out our ... [more]

A Lazy Brain Stays Lazy: Wake Up

A mind is a terrible thing to waste, so keep yours sharp as a tack. If you've got the quick mind for jokes, and the right answers on the tip of your tongue, you'll be an invaluable asset to the ... [more]