Primer Approved

A Whole New World of Multitools

New tools from Craftsman and Crescent can perform lots of tasks cheaper than buying individual tools – and they work pretty darn well too.

The Essentials: The Duffel Bag

It feels a little silly telling you about the necessity of a duffel bag. After all, it’s purpose is one of function. A means of getting your gym gear from home to office to gym and home again. What ... [more]

The Weekend Bag: Primer Approved

If you decide to go on a last minute weekend trip the question becomes not 'what should I pack?' but 'what should I pack in?'. A suitcase is excessively big and bulky, and a book bag is too small and ... [more]

Kennedy Sunglasses by Anon: Primer Approved

Wayfarers are the new aviators. There I said it. The new standard. The blue dress shirt of men’s shades. The summer sunglasses every guy should have. Check out our pick: Anon's Kennedy.

The Boat Shoe: Primer Approved

Not owning a boat is no reason to not have a pair of boat shoes in your footwear arsenal. With a timeless look and a versatile style, you'll look great at a company barbecue or just heading out in ... [more]

The Dakota Mid-Lace by Frye: Primer Approved

A company doesn't stay in business for 147 years without turning out a timeless, quality product that always stays in style. We discover why everyone from 60's college students to Union Soldiers and ... [more]

Grooming Products for the Every Man

Until very recently men had only two options when it came to grooming products like face wash: those that were one-size-fits-all, and harsh on many skin types or those so overly expensive no self-... [more]