7 Free Resume Templates

Because you shouldn’t be wasting your job seeking time formatting a resume.


In honor of all of our readers who are recent graduates looking for their first job, and to those who are looking for a new gig, we offer these seven free resume templates as our way of making your job search a little easier.

We all know first impressions count. Professionally, our resumes are often the first impression a potential employer gets of us. In the same way that it’s important to your chances of landing the job to be well-groomed and dressed like you’re serious, so should your resume.

The problem is…designing a resume sucks. It takes a lot of time to get spacing and formatting right, and that’s time better served focusing on the content, getting in touch with your network, and contacting employers.

So I thought I’d help you out in your search by putting together these seven free resume templates to give you a running start. Inspired by some beautiful examples I found across the web, these templates should help you get started no matter what your industry.

All seven are slightly different in what information is prioritized. Different industries and positions are interested in different info, so be sure to pick the one which makes the most sense for your field. For example, if you’re an engineer, an employer may be most interested in work history or where you went to school. If you’re in the film industry they want to know what skills you have and what you’ve done, while your school history won’t be nearly as important.

Also be mindful of how receptive your field is to design and color. Some technical jobs may want a straight outlined black and white document.

How to Write Your Resume

The rule of thumb is to try and keep your resume to one full page. This may change later in your life if you become an executive, or are an academic, or have a long list of impressive clients or projects. But for now, one page.

If you’re a recent graduate (congrats) you may not have a lot of work history to fill a page. In this case make use of one of the templates that utilizes tabs and negative space such as template 2.

Our own Grant Harris has a great deal of professional experience in Human Resources and HR consulting.

I asked him his thoughts on how an applicant should prepare a resume:

Before finding my true passion for fashion and starting my own image consulting company I spent years in HR as a recruiter. Needless to say I’ve seen a few resumes and been through more than a few interviews in my day. Here are my 5 do’s and don’ts of resume writing. Some may be common sense (unfortunately common sense isn’t so common) and others may not.


1. Use 10-12 point font depending on length.

2. Use a simple, standard font.

3. Use proper margins.  1 inch is fine.

4. Use a professional/executive summary to pinpoint skills and objectives.

5. Use resume paper to print copies. This paper is different than the standard printer type and will make your copy stand out over others.


1. Use a lot of colors or overuse italics.

2. Ever use more than 3 pages or fill less than 1.

3. Submit the same resume for every job.  Tailor it to the specific requirements needed.

4. Submit a resume without a cover letter.  The cover letter is an introduction and a manager will look at candidates who write one with more interest than ones who don’t.

5. Lie, embellish, stretch, add, fluff, fudge, or put anything else deceiving in a resume.  It will come out during the interview or worse yet on the job.

Some may disagree with me, but I would advise against listing your high school under education. As a guy who’s been out of college a few years I would never list my high school on my resume, and if I were to see that on a potential hire’s resume I would know immediately this candidate doesn’t have a lot of experience. Highlight impressive or do-well extracurricular activities if need be.


Obviously flash with no substance won’t get you a job either. Check out our feature on cover letters and resumes, How to Write a Killer Cover Letter in the 21st Century, and these 50 buzzwords you shouldn’t use on your resume.

Note: Initially I was hoping to release these as Google Docs, but I ran into formatting issues when I tried to import them in Google Docs. So be aware that they may not open properly if you don’t open them in Word.

UPDATE: Be sure to check out our 12 MORE Free Resume Templates as well!

All the best!

Primer’s 7 Free Resume Templates

Template 1

Download this template

Free resume template Microsoft Word

Template 2

Download this template

Free resume template Microsoft Word

Template 3

Download this template

Free resume template Microsoft Word

Template 4

Download this template

Free resume template Microsoft Word

Template 5

Download this template

Free resume template Microsoft Word

Template 6

Download this template

Free resume template Microsoft Word

Template 7

Download this template

Free resume template Microsoft Word

Looking for More Free Resume Templates? Click Here!


Andrew is the founder and editor of Primer. He's a graduate of American University and currently lives in Los Angeles. Read more about Primer on our About page.

  • Clayton

    Just found these…and you are exactly right, I do NOT have time to format this shit! Thanks so much for posting these. So helpful, and the resumé looks great now.

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  • Liv

    Is there a resume suggested for someone who has little to no college experience but does have some 5+ years in work experience?

  • Batts

    Honestly, I had a few tabs opened with sites for resume templates and when I happened to notice in the search your description was about not wasting time to format shit, I laughed and closed all other tabs but this one. lol Because that was my thought exactly.
    I used the first one – love the look of it. Thanks a million for making these templates available.

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  • Dee

    Hi I used template 12 last night. Opened it with word 2010. Filled in everything, made my edits and hit save. I left it up minimized on my screen. Today I hit close. When I went back in a few minutes ago I cannot find it anywhere. There is no question I clicked save. I even gave it a title.
    Is there anything that doesn’t allow the resume to save once you fill in your info.? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Did not make any copies so I am afraid it is lost forever. Dee

  • Jacob

    What is the font used in the first example? Microsoft Word defaults to “Calibri” for me which I do not like.

  • G George

    Any recomendations for an engineering student applying for part-time work/internships? I like #4 but it seems like there’s too much empty space. #5 is pretty nice.

  • Tony

    I appreciate the free resume you offer for download here. I have also found very nice resume templates here http://www.cvfolio.com if someone wants to have a more wide selection. Designs are stunning!

  • Jing Zhang

    Actually there is a free app to build elegant resumes

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  • Lindsey

    I thought this was FREE??? Why is it making me pay if I want to print or e-mail it? WHat use is it to build a resume and not be able to use it?

    • http://www.primermagazine.com/ Andrew

      Lindsey, the above word templates are free. What are you referring to??

  • gratefulman


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  • Horane

    Hey Andrew, do you think it’s beneficial to note that I was an Assistant Secretary for a Masonic Lodge?

    • http://www.primermagazine.com/ Andrew

      Absolutely, that’s a great extracurricular.

      • Horane


  • Kelly

    I’m having trouble unzipping the file. I downloaded a free unzipping software, but every time extract the file, the word document the I end up with has a bunch of weird symbols. Any ideas?

    • http://www.primermagazine.com/ Andrew

      I just downloaded it and they opened ok. Is there another program you can try to open the doc in? For example, on mac Text Edit.

      • Micheal

        Hey Andrew I have a job interview this Saturday and needed to know what template should I use…

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  • Callista

    Thank you! As a young adult venturing into the “real world,” I found this article magnificently helpful.

    • Micheal

      Does anyone know which template I should use for my job interview….

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  • alisha

    Hi Andrew! I really love the font used in Template 7, but apparently my version of Windows can’t handle it and turns it into something else when I open the file. What’s the font called?
    Thanks so much for providing these, they all look great!

  • nitesh

    thank you very much for sharing this wonderful templates.

  • soyombo
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  • constance

    what happened to the english language ? you are showing all of your examples in a foreign language

    • http://www.primermagazine.com/ Andrew

      It’s latin. Designers use it as dummy text.

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  • Max Taylor

    I really like those templates. I looked a lot on the web over the last weeks and I recently found a website where they sell really nice and beautiful resume/cv templates. It was difficult to find tempaltes intergrated in Microsoft Word because it is usally intergrated in Adobe Photoshop or Indesign, but I found one. Really professional resume :


    I hope this helps people like me.

  • nitz19arg

    Many thanks for sharing these awesome templates.
    You have done a great service for beginners like us in making a resume which stands out from the rest.
    Two thumbs up.

  • Leon Keemer

    Hi, great templates and great tips. We also have a number of professional Word templates. You can find them here: http://lifebrander.com

  • Kristy

    What if you only have Open Office? How would you download and use these?

  • 1 old man

    Thank you for so much for all the useful information.You just made an old man very happy,

  • surya

    thanks Andrew!

  • http://cheatsheetgmat.com/ Min Che

    Template number 7 resembles my resume right after I graduated from college. As I searched for more templates and as I gained more professional experience, I’ve discovered the perfectly polished Almagreta resume templates which provided me with highly professional templates and improved by hiring rate. They are simple and eye-catching at the same time.

  • http://free-job-hunting.blogspot.com Jack Rokwell
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