Discipline for Men

With the new year upon us, prepare to be bombarded by folks claiming to have methods that will make your New Year's Resolutions stick. The problem is, the need for resolutions is evidence of one thing... [more]

What is Manly Courage?

Courage is the complete absence of fear, right? It’s daring and doing and acting without regard for personal safety or consequence, right? And most of all; courage is what you’re supposed to have ... [more]

Times are Tough? Get Tougher.

Times get tough and adversity affects everyone, but if you're looking for someone to swaddle you in cashmere and tell you it's going to be okay, you've come to the wrong place. Things aren't going to... [more]

Honesty is Still the Best Policy

Sure, you could get the Chinese symbol for "Honesty" tattooed on your arm to let people know you're trustworthy -- or you could keep things simple and just live by the rule that Honesty is the best ... [more]