What is Manly Courage?

Courage is the complete absence of fear, right? It’s daring and doing and acting without regard for personal safety or consequence, right? And most of all; courage is what you’re supposed to have ... [more]

Times are Tough? Get Tougher.

Times get tough and adversity affects everyone, but if you're looking for someone to swaddle you in cashmere and tell you it's going to be okay, you've come to the wrong place. Things aren't going to... [more]

Honesty is Still the Best Policy

Sure, you could get the Chinese symbol for "Honesty" tattooed on your arm to let people know you're trustworthy -- or you could keep things simple and just live by the rule that Honesty is the best ... [more]

Games are for Children

We're all adults here, or at least we're trying to be. Knowing that, adults shouldn't lure their friends into favors or play the same attention teasing games that children do. Say what you mean and ... [more]

Everything is a Choice

If you're not living the life you want, it's probably your fault. From weight loss to success in business to relationships, you choose to succeed or you choose to fail.
The Art of Confrontation

The Art of Confrontation

Grappling with an overreaching boss, addressing a jealous girlfriend, haggling with a car salesman, or dealing with a punk-ass at a bar, guys are instructed to just “man up.” But to handle the ... [more]

A Real Man Always Has Cash

In a world of PayPals, Credit Cards, and e-Checks, cash is slowly disappearing from our wallets, literally. On the street, cash is still king and if it's not in your pocket, well, you're bound to look... [more]