Everything is a Choice

If you're not living the life you want, it's probably your fault. From weight loss to success in business to relationships, you choose to succeed or you choose to fail.

It's easy to complain about not having the things we want in life, which is why we're bombarded with the whines of everyone from co-workers to girlfriends to strangers on the street.  Undoubtedly you, like me, have found yourself uttering about how unfair something was or how you wish you were a little richer, a little more in shape.  Now, after this, you'll find that the reason you're not living the good life is because you're choosing not to.

I'm not saying you're sitting in front of the mirror and saying “I choose to be fat,” but by choosing not to work out and eat right, you are choosing not to be fit.  And that is just a step away from being fat.  Virtually everything in your life comes down to a choice to go after what you want or to just sit idly by and be exactly what you are. If you want to be thinner, you need to choose to eat better.  You need to choose to go to the gym.  You need to choose to stick with it.  Every time you eat a doughnut, you made a choice to eat that delicious ball of fat and you made a choice to eat unhealthily.

This goes further than just meal choice and your level of fitness.  Alone on Saturday night?  You chose that, either directly or indirectly by your inaction.  Want to meet and talk to girls?  Choose to.  Going up and saying “Hi” to someone is as simple as choosing to walk over and open your mouth and say the word.  Sure, you may be nervous or shy and that can affect your decision, but it's still a choice.  When you think about it like that, it allows you to rationalize the situation and realize, hopefully, that it's not a big deal to walk over and say something.  If you see a cute girl with an interesting belt on, choose to tell her you like it.  For now, think of everything as a choice.  It's okay if it takes a moment for you to come to your decision, but in the future you'll be able to naturally make all sorts of little life decisions, like who to talk to or what to eat, instantly.

You have the ability to choose the life you want.  True, you can't choose to be a millionaire without working for it, but you can make the decision to work harder.  Nothing in life is free, few things are easy, but the system of doors is binary.  You either choose to succeed or you choose to let the right door stay closed.  So make the choice to work harder or later, choose to set aside time to write that novel, make the decision to go talk to the cute girl at the bar.  The only thing holding you back in your life is you. You have the ability, you can gain the knowledge, you just need to choose to move into action.  So quit sitting around complaining about your life and make the choice to change and even more importantly, make the choice to stick with it.

Robert Fure

Robert Fure is a fitness, lifestyle, and entertainment writer living in Los Angeles. He is also a certified Personal Trainer and the Creator/Editor of Fit and Furious, an online outlet dedicated to the pursuit of a fit lifestyle. His entertainment work can be viewed at Film School Rejects.