Three Cocktails Every Bachelor Should Master

When you offer your date a drink, you should always have a few options that you won't have to look up in a cocktail book. These go-to drinks are easy to make (and remember) and are sure to satisfy.

6 Delicious Champagne Cocktails

Drinking a flute of bubbly on a romantic night may seem stuffy. Instead mix up one of these delicious and rare cocktails with sparkling wine as a base. Guaranteed to impress.

The Getup: Coffee Date

A relaxed rendezvous calls for something a little casual, a little classy, and an air of spontaneity.

The Getup: The Casual Date

Dressing for a first date is easy. It’s the 5th or 6th that you wrestle with looking good without being overdressed.

Soapbox Therapy: The Friend Zone

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Gift Ideas for Girlfriends by Girlfriends

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A Different Kind of Date Night

Seeing this week's blockbuster might keep you up on the latest from Hollywood, but it can make for a lousy date routine if you never take your girl anywhere else. In an effort to keep things fresh, ... [more]