Tools & Fixing Things

The Top 5 Tools to Keep in Your Trunk

There are two types of people in the world; those who are unprepared when their car strands them with a common ailment, and those who pack a few smart items in their trunk for emergencies. Which are ... [more]

Shop Talk: Understanding the Powertrain

Differential? Drive shaft? Even if you don't work on your own car, you should still understand how it works. Get the low down on what happens when you put the pedal down.

A Whole New World of Multitools

New tools from Craftsman and Crescent can perform lots of tasks cheaper than buying individual tools – and they work pretty darn well too.

Make a Giant Whiteboard for only $15

Whiteboards are perfect for brainstorming any type of project. The problem? They're really, really expensive. We found a unique, and easy DIY solution for under $15.

Pliers: A Modern Man’s Guide to Tools

While man was blessed with nimbler, stronger gripping hands than most animals, they're not quite small, or strong, enough for many jobs around the house. Enter: pliers.