How to Use a Speed Square (video)

A great, easy to understand video on the speed square, which combines the functions of the try square, framing square, and combination square into one essential carpenter’s marking tool.

By Youtuber Ethan Ewing

  • Matt Dalton

    That is a super useful video and it was well-spent 9 minutes of time to watch it. All of the basics, plus the best/simplest explanation of how to use common and hip-val that I have seen. Hopefully this will help more people realize how useful a speed square can be for common household projects.

  • Mike

    Speed squares do have their place, put a try and framing square have there place as well. Try square’s tongue is 1.5″ which is great for laying out studs on a foot plate alone with jack and king studs. Framing squares, the amount of stuff you can do with one is tremendous, things you could never do with a speed square.