Pack Like a Pro: Learn How We Got All This into ONE Carry-on

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What is this?

The best way to pack a suitcase Pack Like a Pro How We Got All This in ONE Carry-on


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  • Dan McKeown

    Ironically I am reading this an airport and kicking myself. LOL. I have another trip coming up soon and will have to put this advice to use.

    • Dan McKeown

      Also, what are those gray shoes?

      • Chris Moore

        I’m not sure, but I’m getting a Johnston & Murphy vibe.

  • Jimmy_Johansen

    This is such an awesome article. But I do have one issue. Why in the world would you fold your dress pants on the seams like chinos rather than on the creases? Thos pants will now need to be ironed when unpacked. Kind of defeats the purpose doesn’t it?

    • Andrew

      I’ve never had an issue with it, why would they wrinkle and chinos wouldn’t?

  • sundragon

    Where did you place the dop kit? That’s where I have the largest issue.

    • Chris Moore

      I usually mash mine into an outer pocket so I can freshen up on the road if I need to.

  • Butch_Zee

    Seems like way too much clothes to bring. Merino wool, ExOffico, and other lil tricks are your friends.

  • davis

    Traveling this weekend and plan on trying this. Thanks!!

  • tim r

    Good advice. Packing for my Honeymoon on Saturday. Nice part is I’m driving so luggage isn’t going to be a problem.

    • Andrew

      Congrats! Have fun!

  • Stephen_P

    This article is definitely a godsend since I’m taking a 2 week vacation next month. This was right on time.

  • Bakeca Milano

    Is good to know that …

  • Tony

    Terrible. You have to unpack everything to get access to anything.

  • Dbakeca Italia

    Good advice! Thx!

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  • Culturated

    Some good advice for a lazy folding/packing man like myself.Lots of technique to it though, I would need some practice! -Jackson

  • Aaron Boyles

    Going to Japan for 9 days on Thursday….is it really possible? OMG its worth a try.

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  • LiberatedJim

    If you are a midget then this will work. I am over six feet tall and my clothes will not pack in a carry on. boo hoo! 🙂

  • James Davis
  • Brian R. Croteau

    Great concept. How do guys like me with sleep apnea, who use a breathing machine at night, work THAT in? Takes up about 1/3 of your carry-on bag…

    • Barbara Martinez

      Fellow apnea sleeper, your breathing machine likely came in a bag that is marked as a medical device. You have to have the paperwork but can travel with that extra bag with most airlines.

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  • russianblogger

    Or you can just use a space saver bag and you don’t need to read this post.

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  • gary

    I’ve done this and it works… 10 day trip to Europe and I took two coats and two jackets (i know i know.. to much stuff). But do exclude a change of clothes, it is hard to access anything in the middle of a layover.

    • gary

      forgot to mention that it was a carry-on

      • Andrew

        Awesome!! Glad it worked for you! Thanks for reporting back.

  • Jaana Rosenberg

    HI! Just wanted to give heads up, I linked this post to my blog posts about Packing. This is fantastic!

    have a great Fall!

    – Jaana /

  • PinTours & Travel

    Some would say NOT to pack all your clothes in one suitcase. What if your luggage goes missing? I myself would pack a small suitcase with non-essentials and one as carry-on with the more important stuff. Just my opinion.