A Visual Guide to Common Outdoor Knife Shape

Every man needs a good knife. Whether your camping, fishing, hiking, hunting, or doing anything from open packages to cooking, a good knife is crucial.

I'm sure you have found yourself in predicaments where you wished you had a good knife but didn't. Heck, we all have.

So, here is your comprehensive visual guide to common outdoor knife shapes to help you pick out which type best fits your lifestyle!


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There you go. Now you're ready to pick out which blade shape and style best fits your daily activities or hobbies.

Looking for something tactical or military grade? Go with a Tanto style blade shape.

Looking for something less intense to get you started and meet daily cutting needs? Check out the Pen shape found in your basic pocket knives.

Big into hunting and fishing? We recommend the Skinner or Drop Point, or even the Spey Point or Caping blade for certain small game.

Thanks for tuning in, and we hope this guide helped you pick out your first blade, or informed you of a new one to try!

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Andrew Snavely

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