Survival Skills

How to Escape from Zip Ties

Whether you're escaping a home invasion or simply making a break from some hostile jungle commandos, knowing how to free yourself from plasticuffs (also known as zip-ties, cable ties, or wrist ties) ... [more]

The Anatomy of an Emergency

You've daydreamed about being the hero a thousand times, but what will you do when an actual emergency strikes? Will you keep walking like everyone else, or will you have the courage to act? Separate ... [more]

Survival SOG Style

When you need something sharp for your survival kit, look no further than SOG. From hacking through the jungle to packing an entire toolbox in your pocket, we pick the right tool for the job.

How to Build an Emergency Kit

When a disaster strikes the only thing that can guarantee your safety and survival is you. Don't leave it til game day to get ready - pack these essentials away today.

A Modern Man’s Guide to Knots

That double knot may have gotten you by on your sneakers but if you need to secure a heavy load or fashion something stylish for an interview you're going to need something Extra Strength. Get these ... [more]

How to Survive a Plane Crash

With recent stories about airplane crashes in the news, you might be thinking "What if..." these days. Well have no fear, we've got the tips that will increase your odds of walking away from a worst ... [more]

Life According to Bear Grylls

If you want to live a manly existence, taking advice from a guy named "Bear" is probably a good start. Here are five tenants learned from "Man vs. Wild" that can help you overcome and survive even ... [more]

Hero Training: Evacuating the Wounded

There may come a time when you've got to step up to the plate in an emergency. If you've got the heart, we've got the information that could just save a life. Or, at the very least, make you look cool... [more]