Video – 5 Years Later: Chippewa Boots Follow-up Review

It's easy to fall in love with a pair of boots when they're new: Looking at them in professional photos or pining over them in person. They're beautiful and match your personal style. You read reviews and watch videos and do your best to figure out if these are the best boots.

Like most nice boots however, they ain't cheap. So it becomes a mental struggle of whether these boots are the right boots to spend this kind of money on. But how can you tell if they'll end up being comfortable, sturdy, and take you as far as you need to go?

That's why I'm revisiting this 2014(!) review I did of the American-made Chippewa GQ Apache Lacer boot.

In our latest video, I discuss how they've held up. Below that, you'll find my original review which includes more information about the brand and boot as well as sizing information compared to other common brands.

Check out the boots on Amazon.

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My Chippewa Boots are size
My other sizes are:
Allen Edmonds 10
Red Wing 9.5
Clarks Desert Boots 10
Converse Jack Purcell 10.5
Wolverine 1000 Mile 9
Thorogood 10

Every man needs a good pair of boots for fall and winter. Not only will they help keep you vertical on slippery surfaces or your feet dry in wet conditions, they also happen to look damn sharp.

Since boots are such a staple, we recommend investing a bit more than you’re used to and buying a pair that will last. Just like my Allen Edmonds Strands recommendation for dress shoes, the boots in our Fall Boot Series may cost more than your normal ‘fashion’ boots available in malls, but they’ll last much, much longer. And, all of them have the added benefit of helping to continue a long tradition of American manufacturing.

If you read style forums at all, then the Chippewa GQ Apache Lacer boot is no stranger to you. Beloved for the beauty and craftsmanship as well as the price ($150 on Amazon), you’d be hard-pressed to find many critical remarks on these Chippewa staples. Chippewa Boots was founded in 1901 in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, and continues to handcraft their footwear in America, unlike so many other footwear brands.

The GQ Apache Lacer (update: It can now also be found under the name “Ellison”) is a standard blucher pattern boot. It’s built from 5.5 oz full grain leather, and features a non-slip Vibram outsole that makes the boot as functional as it is handsome. The boots are sewn with a three row stitch pattern known as the puritan stitch on the same machine Chippewa has been using for 100 years. The thread is wax coated to seal the stitches once sewn. And just like the thread to hold the boots together, the laces are waxed, which prevent slippage after they’re tied.

Comfort can be an issue for boots that can cost twice as much, but these are actually pretty darn comfortable, due partially to the included orthotic cushion. It’s removable and washable, so after putting in a few months of daily wearing you can de-funk them simply by dropping the cushion in the washing machine.

Pick up a pair on Amazon for $150

or check them out on Chippewa's site

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