Stretch Your Spring Saturday with Dockers + 4 Easy Looks That’ll Take You Anywhere

Sending a special thanks to Dockers for teaming up with me on this post. Check out more about the brand and shop the looks I'm wearing here at
4 Easy Looks That'll Take You Anywhere
4 Easy Looks That'll Take You Anywhere by Dockers
4 Easy Looks That'll Take You Anywhere
4 Easy Looks from Dockers

Dockers Stretch Jean Cut

Dockers Chukka BootDocks Check ShirtDockers Shawl SweatshirtDockers Stretch Slim Jean CutDockers Double Stitch BeltDockers V neck undershirt

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  • browneagle44 ロベルト

    Shawl sweatshirts are a great travel jacket. You can dress it up or down-great for travelling and networking.

    • Andrew

      That’s a great point! Really versatile and will stand up to travel because it’s less delicate than a shawl sweater.

    • Brian

      I love my shawl-collar cardigan from Levis—might have to pick one of these up!

      • browneagle44 ロベルト

        The one I have right now is from either Gap or Old Navy. Works like a charm, but it definitely has a patina to it-need to pick up a new one for professional travel 🙂

  • thatguyfromthesouthside

    I just bought a few pairs of Dockers because of the “Live Action Getup: Casual, Rugged Layers” spread you guys did a while back. Now i have something else to dress them up with. Thanks!

    • Andrew

      Nice!! So glad that worked out. 🙂

  • Irish Mike

    I picked up a pair of Dockers Chukka boots in the Fall and was pleasantly surprised with how well they have held up. Good work Andrew

    • Andrew

      Thanks Mike! 🙂

  • Butch_Zee

    A shawl sweatshirt? Now that is a great find. I can totally class up my morning run.

  • cjmichaelray

    Those jeans are way too tight, man. Look at the way it’s pulling in the groin. Your thighs aren’t breathing and you’re bound to be killing some sperm cells.

    • Andrew

      They’re not too tight, the first photo I have my hands in my pockets and the lines in the other 3 are caused by the pocket liners.

      • Andy Nguyen

        My personal rule is if the pocket liners are showing, I should consider getting my room in the upper leg. I’m more sensitive to it due to bigger thighs, though.

        For me, if the pants fit like that standing, I’m going to have a hard time sitting down.

        • Andrew

          To each their own, I can see pockets even on my loosest straight fire. These are also twill not jeans so they’re a thinner material. They’re comfortable all around, I’m actually wearing them right now on a flight!

  • DG

    The pants fit like comfy! The hung off my shoulder in a ragged way, so not sure I’ll keep it. I already had that button up in a blue plaid and like the light weight fabric… pretty nice