1 Sweatshirt, 1 Pair of Jeans, 5 Very Different Styles

1 Sweatshirt,
1 Pair of Jeans,
5 Very Different Styles

The secret to making dressing better easier? Not starting from scratch every time.

french terry gray sweatshirt

Shown: J.Crew (limited sizes)

Budget alt: Goodthreads

Upgrade: Alex Mill

levi's 502 graphite jeans

Shown: Levi's

Upgrade: Everlane

mens outfit with sherpa denim jacket, gray sweatshirt, gray jeans, white leather high top sneakers

A neutral base is incredibly powerful. It lets you not only dress up or go casual, but also traverse different fashion genres depending on what else is paired with it. 

The Outfit: Contemporary & Casual

business casual outfit with brown blazer, white dress shirt, gray jeans, and suede wingtips

The point here isn’t just, “Look how many different personal styles can take advantage of a sweatshirt and gray jeans,” it’s “Look how many different styles you can incorporate into your own.” You don’t have to just be the “preppy” guy or the “casual” guy or the “rock n roll” guy. Too often we fall into our wardrobe ruts where we define what we can and can’t “pull off.” Bullsh*t.

Outfit: Smart Casual Work Mode

Andrew Snavely wearing black leather jacket, gray sweatshirt, charcoal jeans, gray boots monochrome outfit inspiration

It's impressive how much the style of jacket and shoes changes an outfit. How crazy is it that you could wear the same shirt and pants to a baseball game, a cocktail bar, a motorcycle rally, and your partner’s parents’ anniversary lunch?

Outfit: Monochrome Means Business

man wearing harrington jacket with gray sweatshirt, gray jeans, and penny loafers

You begin developing your own style when you find pieces you like regardless of their genre and bring them into what you're already wearing.

Outfit: Low Key Prep

rugged outfit inspiration: field jacket, gray sweatshirt, plaid shirt, gray jeans, red wings

Myth: Your outfits will all be boring and look the same unless you buy colorful and flashy items that are hard to pair.

Outfit: Put Together Workwear

Which style is your favorite? Chat with me in the comments!

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