Live Action Getup: Autumn Layers in the City

Live Action Getup: Autumn Layers in the City
Layer up, winter is coming.
Peter Manning logo This post is in partnership with Peter Manning. Clothes designed for the not-so-tall guy. Click here to experience the difference and save 20% off your first order.

What is this?

The temperature this time of year seems to fluctuate by the minute. It’ll feel like 50 degrees, and then the sun appears from behind the clouds and all of a sudden it’s 85.

In this climate, a single heavy jacket isn’t the optimal choice. It does one thing well: Protect you from the freezing cold. Instead, we create a stylish Getup by layering outerwear with function as sharp as its form. The denim jacket serves in a similar role as a cardigan would, you can even leave it on inside if you like the look.

Fall Casual Style   Layered Outerwear   Field Jacket Trucker Jacket Chinos

Autumn Layers in the City   Short Men Style Inspiration

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That beautiful field jacket along with the flannel and slim chinos are from Peter Manning. They’re a brand doing great things with classic style and quality craftsmanship for a hugely underserved portion of men everywhere.

Fall Casual Style Inspiration for Short Men

Field Jacket: Peter Manning, $178 / Trucker Jacket: Levi's, $68 / Flannel: Peter Manning, $85 / Slim Chinos: Peter Manning, $89 / Beanie: 21Men, $8 / Boots: Chippewa, $167

Did you know 1 in 3 men are 5’ 8” and shorter? Yet because of mass production sizing, it's nearly impossible to find a pair of pants with less than a 30” inseam or a men’s shirt designed for a guy with sleeves shorter than 32” and a tail that doesn’t hang down to your thighs.

Casual Fall Style

Even if you’ve never identified as a shorter man, I’m sure you can relate to the problem of proportions being wrong after simple alterations. You can only hem so many inches off of pant legs before those tapered leg openings become wide legs. Now you have to tailor the whole damn leg. Even worse if you’re like me – average height but with some wonky proportions – you’ll never find anything that fits. I have wide shoulders compared to my waist, for me to get a shirt that fits off the rack I have to size up, which means tons of extra fabric on the sides and the length will be so long I could never wear it untucked. I’ve paid my tailor to slim the sides and arms and shorten the tail of a shirt. That ‘affordable’ shirt from the Gap suddenly became a rich man’s investment.

With their proprietary sizing, Peter Manning hasn't simply created smaller versions of your favorite essentials, they’ve spent a lot of time tweaking the proportions for each fit. So no matter if you’re short and wide, or average height with a small torso, or modest in every measurement, they’ve got you covered.

Men's Fall Layering Style

Layered jackets

Field Jacket Trucker Jacket Olive Chinos Chippewa boots   Peter Manning

Field Jacket: Peter Manning, $178 / Trucker Jacket: Levi's, $68 / Flannel: Peter Manning, $85 / Slim Chinos: Peter Manning, $89 / Beanie: 21Men, $8 / Boots: Chippewa, $167

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