Live Action Getup: Dressing Well in the Super Casual Office

Live Action Getup: Dressing Well in the Super Casual Office
Standing out is great, but dressing UP isn’t dressing well if it’s not appropriate for where you’re going. Especially in a town like Venice, California that’s steeped in casual beach culture, striking the balance of business and casual is tough.
Casual Office - Men's styleThe Getup: Dressing Well in the Super Casual Office - Men's Style

What to wear to a casual office
men style what to wear in a casual office

Bonobos chinosCommon Projects Achilles LowStyle Essential White Leather SneakersPhilips Norelco Vacuum Beard TrimmerRay-Ban Erika SunglassesCheaters SunglassesImperial Blacktop PomadeGlobe Skateboard TeakOld Navy Built-in Flex ChinosGap Bengal Stripe ShirtOxford Cloth Button DownThe Getup

The Getup - Men's summer style inspiration - Primer

Primer - men's summer style inspiration

The Getup - Venice, CA

Shirt: Gap, $50 / Chinos: Old Navy, $26 / Sneakers: Old Navy, $21 / Skateboard: Globe, $120

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Shane Martin is an avid Primer reader and founder of Lean Mean Creative Machine, a design and marketing agency based in Los Angeles.

  • Wyatt

    Hey great casual get up Shane! One question though, would the bonobos be casual as well ?

    • Andrew

      Yep, as long as you get the tapered “tailored” fit.

  • Zac Silk

    Already got the Gap Bengal Oxford and it’s great. Word to the wise though you may want to size down for Gap. They’re pretty generous. I normally take a medium but I can take a small as well.

  • Matt M

    Great look! Just like something I’d wear while walking around the Westside.

  • Ross

    Great casual getup! Big fan of Gap oxfords. The color of the chinos is perfect with the Bengal stripe. Am disappointed that the chinos are almost out of stock and are limited in the available sizes.

    • Andrew

      Thanks! They were in stock when I published :-/

      • Ross

        Damn your influence Andrew! Lol. I’m sure I’ll find a good substitute.

  • Vincent Adultman

    Are there any cheaper alternatives to the striped shirt? Preferably in the $20-$30-ish dollar range?

  • Serafin Nunez

    Enough with the man-tights already!

  • Leslie

    This female perspective is to ditch the skateboard…even if you call it a “cruiser” it screams, “man-baby”

  • Bobby

    Got any business casual clothing ideas for someone in their early 30s?

  • Josh Houghton

    Can shorts work with this shirt? Sadly the Gap no longer sells it 🙁 Any other links for it?