Professional Style

The Getup: Business Casual Networking

Business casual can be tricky, khakis with no jacket can make you look like an intern, but with a blazer can be overdressed By choosing this light-colored linen blazer we strike a nice balance.

The Getup: A Base Business Uniform

This smart look is a smart place to start. Sharp on it’s own, it’s also a great base to modify to create more unique looks. Add a tie, swap trouser colors, deepen the browns of the leather – ... [more]

The Getup: Ready to Work

Casual office environments can look like an army of tan trousers and Express shirts. Dress it up without dressing up.

The Getup: Dressed Up Summer

Warm weather brings about countless weddings, graduations, and hopefully some interviews. Build on the business casual uniform with colors, patterns and textures to stay cool while looking your best.