Career Development

5 Tricks for Being a Pro at Business Calls

Our generation hates talking on the phone. Hell, we don't even answer it if we don't know the number. But being able to successfully handle business on the telephone is integral to career success. We'... [more]

Become Your Unique Value Proposition

All great brands have unique value propositions, that is, identifying and promoting what separates them from their competitors in their customers' eyes. But UVP's aren't just for marketers: No matter ... [more]

Top-Earning Entry-Level Jobs [infographic]

Many people would like to have great salaries right after they finish their studies -- or even during them. Instead of working many years for a better job position and a better salary, some people ... [more]

People Buy Feelings

Getting to the core of why people buy the things they do doesn't require an advanced degree in sociology. Jeff Barnett explains it's not so much what a product can do for someone which encourages ... [more]

The Secret to Having a Commanding Presence

You know him when you see him - he's the guy everyone notices when he takes his first three steps into a room. A natural leader. Is it witchcraft, or perhaps just a combination of simple body ... [more]