Work Life

Entry-level Boredom: How to Spice Up Any Job

No matter what your job title implies you do, we all know most of the day is spent counting ceiling tiles or drumming out Rush's greatest hits on your desk. Kick boredom to the curb and liven up your... [more]

On the Hunt for the Perfect Office Lunch

For sixty minutes every day you're let loose from your cubicle confinement, so don't waste your precious freedom by blowing $12 on a Tex-Mex combo platter. Use these 8 tips for saving money and eating... [more]

Corporate World vs Entrepreneurial Life

The corporate world is calling with nice cars, fancy lunches, and guaranteed paychecks -- if you're willing to put your dream company on hold and sit in a low-walled prison five days a week. If you'... [more]

The Secret to Successful Small Talk

In both the business world and your social life, small talk is a big deal. If you can't hold a conversation, you might be missing out on everything from a great business deal to a wonderful and ... [more]

The Art of Confrontation

Grappling with an overreaching boss, addressing a jealous girlfriend, haggling with a car salesman, or dealing with a punk-ass at a bar, guys are instructed to just “man up.” But to handle the ... [more]