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Primer Magazine is not your typical men’s magazine. We dig deep into issues guys in their 20′s face like career success and personal wellness. We strive for content that is not featured anywhere else. As men we are no longer interested in articles like “The 10 Best Spring Break Hot Spots” but are not ready for “Breakdown: 10 Spots to Escape Your Mid-Life Crisis.” At Primer, we search for new ways of bettering ourselves, as well as returning to the ideas of manhood that may have skipped our generation.

As a departure from the status quo of typical men’s journalism, we are shredding the portrait Maxim and GQ paint of us. We’re over week-long binge drinking and the post-pubescent hunt for random hookups. We want to stay in shape and dress well but don’t relate to the idea of wanting or needing a $2,500 suit.

It would be nice if we all had successful older brothers who were happily married, the life of every party, and made VP by 35. They could offer incalculable career advice, financial and investing tips, and key points to keeping your knockout girlfriend. While we all can’t be that lucky, Primer may be the next best thing. With writers contributing from all walks of life, we can learn from their experiences as if they were our own and apply them moving forward.

As a young man leaving college, one must be ready to take on the world. Armed with an education, a sense of self, and toting a diploma, the world quickly reminds you – there’s more to living as an adult than is covered in ‘Comparative Politics’ and ‘A History of the Renaissance.’

Young men rejoice, you no longer need to stumble into the gate of adulthood.

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