You Missed These?! The Most Popular Primer Articles from 2019

You Missed These?! The Most Popular Primer Articles from 2019
Another pass around the sun, another year older.

2019 was an incredible year for Primer – I'm so proud of what the crew has been able to accomplish. We have some of the most talented editors and writers in the country, and I would eagerly put their work up against publications twice our size. Thoughtful, funny, and modern – and most of all actually useful – their perspectives and ideas are lightyears beyond the pop culture clickbait invading most of men's media.

And I can't wait to share with you some of the big things we're planning for 2020.

A look back as we take a step forward.

These are the most popular articles on Primer this year, plus some of our favorites you may have missed.

21 things we don't teach me about having a baby

21 Things We Don’t Teach Men About Having a Baby

How To Stop Nipples And Undershirts From Showing Through A White Dress Shirt

fall style picks

Jumpstart Your Fall Style With These 38 Picks

difference between wine types

Wine for Beginners: An Easy Explanation of Different Wine Types

50 short term goal examples

50 Short-Term Goal Examples You Can Actually Commit To That Will Change Your Life

Turning The Page: 8 Inspiring Novels to Make You a Better Person

The Most Trafficked Getup from This Year:

the getup

The Getup: Spring, Where You At?

All from target

All from Target: Monday Morning Meeting

how to reverse sear a steak

The Simple Secret Restaurants Use to Get a Perfectly Cooked Steak

9 Lessons Learned From Tony Stark


Gentlemanly Advice: Just Because You’re Not an Alcoholic Doesn’t Mean You Don’t Have a Problem with Alcohol

how to propose

How to Propose: 5 Questions You Should Ask Before Getting Engaged + 3 Real Proposal Stories

primer getup spring

This Live Action Getup Proves an Important Fashion Concept

5 lies

Five Lies We Let Ourselves Believe — And The Truths We Need To Hear

morning routines

The Morning Routines of 6 Incredibly Successful People

no time to die gray suit alternatives

Look For Less: Daniel Craig’s Suit From No Time To Die

do you have to wear a tux to a wedding

16 Ways To Wear A Suit To Your Wedding Instead of a Tux

men fall capsule

A Classic Cold Weather Capsule Wardrobe With A Modern Edge + 10 Getups!

Scientists Studied People Who Destroyed Tasks They Didn’t Want To Do: Here Are Their Secrets

4 things i learned working in prison

Four Things I Learned Working In Prison

time will tell

Time Will Tell: What 6 Watches Communicate About Movie and TV Characters

black crew sweater outfits

The Surprising Essential for Spring You Never Expected + 7 Outfits That Prove It

5 Things I Like About Betterment and 3 I Don’t After Using it for 5 Years

Beyond Black And Charcoal: The Modern Man’s Guide To Decorating With Color And Texture

Moving In Together? How to Join Households Without Losing Your Mind (Or Your Relationship)

how to grow a beard

11 Beard Growing & Grooming Tips Noobs Get Wrong

what i wore jazz club

What I Wore: Tuesday Night Jazz Bar in LA

33 affordable home furniture pieces

33 Affordable Home Decor Picks No One Will Believe You Bought on Amazon

Fall rugged outfit men beanie denim shirt

Live Action Getup: Facing West

The 4 Most Comfortable Dress Shoes For Commuting to Work

12 best man duties

The 12 Sacred Best Man Duties

jeans and tshirt kind of guy

There’s No Shame in Being a Jeans & T-Shirt Guy: Here’s How to Do It Intentionally

what causes baldness

What Causes Hair Loss & How To Fight It

how to dress up henley

Dressing Up the Henley


12 Upgrades I Always Pack for a Trip or Vacation


More Millennials Are Working from Home – and Studies Show We’re Lonelier than Ever


Lessons in Leadership: Five Brilliant Novels Every New Leader Should Read


These 10 Genius Life Hacks Will Improve Your Daily Life


The 3 Essential Negotiation Tactics According to Researchers


What Is The Cheapest Rolex?


Getting Started With Scotch Whisky: Everything You Need to Know


The Ultimate Collection Of 42 Free Wall Art Prints


The Best Dress Pants for Every Budget


How an Untucked Shirt Should Fit – A Complete Guide to Button-Ups, T-Shirts, & Polos


The Fascinating History of Whiskey in North America


Fall Getup Week: Texture Weather


The Best Places to Get an Old Fashioned in 47 Cities According to Primer Readers

best apartment plants care guide

I Have Over 50 Plants in my LA Apartment, So I Put Together a Quick and Simple Plant Guide

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