This Live Action Getup Proves an Important Fashion Concept

A comfortable and easy to pull together style that looks killer in spring but is built out of year-round staples.

Great style made easy.

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This Getup comes by request. I had originally featured a mirror photo of this look on Primer's Instagram Stories as an #ootd (outfit of the day) and got a flood of DM's asking if we'd feature it as a Getup. Heck yeah we will. We popped in the studio and locked it down.  (Also, follow Primer on Instagram to get more of my everyday style and what I'm up to.)

This look represents some core elements of my own personal style that's developed over the years – neutral colors, a slim and tapered silhouette, and an attention to texture that makes dressing incredibly easy while also allowing me to show up like I got dressed with purpose.

But it's also representative of an important fashion concept that takes a LOT of the heavy lifting off of learning how to dress well…

the getup by Primer

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You can take your favorite outfits and rebuild similar ones to accommodate the season you're in or the level of dress you need.

You don't have to start from scratch every time you head to the closet. You're already well aware of this if you have that one go-to shirt you've learned how to dress up or wear casually. But just as you can make different types of outfits with a single versatile item, you can make new outfits with different items that produce a similar effect.

Today's Getup is the spring version of our colder weather Live Action Getup: Winter in the City that we featured a few months ago. The items are all different, but the resulting style is very similar. It's got a dark coat that creates a structured silhouette around the neck. The light wash denim jacket is replaced with a denim shirt. The chunky soled Red Wings are swapped with lower profile Wolverine 1000 Mile boots.

Love winter because of the layering and fabric opportunities that cold weather gives you? Always frustrated that it's harder to look good the rest of the year? This is the perfect trick for continuing to develop your own personal style.

USE IT: Consider your favorite outfit, regardless of season or formality. Look past the individual items and consider what it conveys as a whole: Is it rugged or refined? Colorful or muted? Professional or rakish? What are the dominant colors or patterns? Is it influenced by texture? Recreate a similar outfit that's more seasonally appropriate for where you're heading this week.

A man wearing a denim shirt and gray pants

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Denim Shirt (Similar): Abercrombie, $52, Amazon, $25, non-western style: J.Crew Factory, $40 / Slim tapered gray jeans: Mott & Bow

close up light denim shirt gray jacket

Read our full review of the moto jacket from Amazon's house brand, Goodthreads

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Moto Jacket: Amazon, $95 / Read our full review

Denim Shirt (Similar): Abercrombie, $52, Amazon, $25, non-western style: J.Crew Factory, $40

Jeans: Mott & Bow, $118

Watch: Orient Mako II, $128

Boots: Wolverine 1000 Mile Boots, $280 / Watch our guide to reconditioning your favorite pair of leather boots

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