Live Action Getup: Winter in the City

Live Action Getup: Winter in the City
Survive the end-of-year scramble in style.

G-SHOCK believes a watch should be resilient and stylish, just like a modern man. We're proud to partner with them on this post!

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Primer Live Action Getup men casual outfit idea

gap denim trucker target sweater gap topcoat tommy hilfiger topcoat levis gray denim Red Wing Beckman Geoffrey Beene scarf G-SHOCK MTG
mens outfit inspiration walker coat denim jacket gray crew sweatshirt

Topcoat: Gap, $139 / Denim Jacket: Gap, $64 / Slim Gray Jeans: Levi's, $48 / Crewneck Sweater: Target, $15 / Boots: Red Wing Beckman, $348 / G-SHOCK MT-G, $800

A lot of guys would brush off ever buying a coat like this. They'd see it in a product photo, no doubt with a man in a suit and tie wearing it, and assume they don't have to dress up enough in colder weather to buy one.

But a top coat like this one can be worn in much the same way a pea coat can. Dressed up, sure, but also layered casually. The 3/4 length is important here to maximize its casual-or-dressy versatility. (The one in the photos is the Kenneth Cole we featured in our best topcoats guide, but you guys scooped 'em all up. Similar options from Gap and Tommy Hilfiger are linked.)

If you're going to invest money into an item, it'd be nice if it could survive as long as possible. Some things are “built to last,” but once in a while you'll come across a piece that yells, “Show me what you got!”

The G-SHOCK MT-G is a watch in description only. Regular watches are bracelets that tell time. The MT-G is a precision instrument encased in a nuclear fallout shelter.

The G-SHOCK line of watches has earned a reputation from special forces, wildfire firefighters, edge-of-Earth documentary filmmakers, and astronauts as being some of the toughest timekeepers available. The G-SHOCK “floating module” approach to design places the five separate watch motors inside a carbon-fiber reinforced case protected by a Sallaz metal guard.

But this thing is more than a tank with a clock in it. The solar-powered MT-G not only maintains Multi-Band 6 Atomic Timekeeping by receiving radio waves from 6 transmitting stations worldwide, it connects via Bluetooth to the G-SHOCK app, which allows you to pick new timezones for the secondary two-city time display and push them to the watch automatically. Features that were once limited to a single option like alarms and timer lengths can be altered on the fly. And a set of data analytics visualize how often the watch has needed to correct its time, reception status, and solar-powering generation status.

g shock mt g

And while all of this is incredibly impressive, perhaps what is most exciting about the MT-G is that it's one of the smallest metal G-SHOCKs available.

Read more on our thoughts in “How Do You Make the World's Toughest Watch Tougher? Make It Smarter.”

These Red Wings may be the leather boot equivalent to an indestructible watch. Founded by Charles Beckman in Red Wing, Minnesota, the brand has been crafting boots made to outlast anything tough wear can put them through. Full grain leather, triple stitching on 100-year-old Puritan machines, and a Vibram Roccia sole can hit snow or sun without batting an eyelash. And the Goodyear welt construction means the soles can be replaced when worn.

I love that the black cherry adds a rich but subtle drop of color to the overall look. Read more in our Fall Boot Series.

denim jacket red wing beckman boot g shock mt g

Topcoat: Gap, $139 / Denim Jacket: Gap, $64 / Boots: Red Wing Beckman, $348 / G-SHOCK MT-G, $800

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