A Visual Guide to Common Outdoor Knife Shape

common outdoor knife shapes, clip point, drop point, sheepsfoot, skinner, wharncliffe, caping, spey point, pen knife, tanto, parts of a knife

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  • Stillz

    Learned some new words today…

  • Majes

    excellent and manly post. First time i comment here, this one deserves comments.

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  • http://BFElabs.net BFE Labs

    Small point:
    Most knives, both factory and handmade, feature a compound bevel REGARDLESS of their primary grind.
    This present a Flat Grind with a compound bevel (or “Secondary Bevel”/Edge Bevel) as being a separate category of blade grind, and it is not really. Flat, hollow, and convex ground knives are all routinely made with a secondary edge. This is the most common sharpening style for edged tools in modern tool making, and is done on blades with all types of grind (or, Primary Bevel).

  • Ardit

    I’m always slightly affraid this kind of posts call men to keep knifes on themselves to show their masculine nature. But is good to know something new about knives and to be informed before acquiring one. I agree with @Stillz, i learned some new words today

  • http://Batmannananana.com/ Caesar Merlin

    any tips on preferred methods to sharpen hollow ground blades? I heard some good things about the spyderco sharpmaker system