Sale Find: A Rare $99 Waxed Canvas Trucker

Sale Find: A Rare $99 Waxed Canvas Trucker
With some in-person photos.

If there's one thing that never fails to pique my interest, it's a jacket with character. A good jacket feels like it's always ready to share an adventure or help you make an impression. Just last weekend, I stumbled across a new-to-me jacket.

Here's the story: I was hanging out with my buddy Pyung, who you may know as a Primer contributor. You know the kind of friend who always seems to have gear that you end up asking about? And it's usually some random, awesome find that was a good deal. That's Pyung. So naturally, when he turned up in this impeccable muted bark brown jacket, I was intrigued, especially since I pay attention to lightweight jackets and couldn't place this one. “Pyung, where'd you get this?” He got excited to share his find and told me it was from Tecovas and he found it on sale for $99.

tecovas jacket wide shot
Tecovas Waxed Canvas Jacket

Just $99 for a waxed cotton trucker jacket? That seemed too good to be true, considering the ones we've recommended before, like the Rogue Territory Supply Jacket (favored by Bond and Ryan Reynolds) and the Flint & Tinder Waxed Trucker Jacket (worn by Pedro Pascal in ‘The Last of Us'), come with a $200+ price tag. They're undoubtedly worth it, but let's face it – a three-figure price can make your wallet wince. So I looked it up and it's still on sale for $99 down from $165 and still has all sizes available, small through XXL. So I asked Pyung to share some photos so you can see what it looks like in real life.

inside of tecovas jacket

The trucker jacket was made iconic by Levi's Type III Jacket. Known for its effortless cool, disregard for authority, and a design featuring a cropped, waist-length cut, tailored fit, and signature buttons, this jacket style has had quite the journey, enduring through various trends and colors.

That said, not all trucker jackets are made equal. What sets the Tecovas waxed canvas jacket apart when I tried on Pyung's was its fit. Pyung's medium-sized jacket looked good on me, not too slim but still a tailored fit. It looked great on his smart casual outfit and seemed like it could easily be incorporated into anyone's wardrobe. And yes, that means even if you wear black a lot.

close up of waxed canvas jacket

Made from 100% waxed cotton, this jacket offers style, durability, and better water resistance than denim variants. This one isn't as crease-happy or crinkly as some waxed jackets, which might be a downside if you crave the quintessential waxed canvas patina that tells tales of your exploits.

The Tecovas brand is based in Austin, Texas, and known primarily for its modern western boots. One of the primary differences besides style details is this jacket is made in Turkey, which doesn't have the “Made in USA” stamp like the Flint & Tinder or Rogue Territory versions.

back of tecovas trucker jacket

Waxed jackets do have their cons. They can only be spot treated, and may need re-waxing after several years. But I have yet to have to worry about that with the three I've had over the years.

care label on waxed jacket that says that it cant be washed and only spot cleaned

In the end, here's my take: the Tecovas Waxed Cotton Trucker Jacket is a fantastic find at just $99. It's got the look, a known brand behind it, and the price point. And while it doesn't replace the qualities of your $200+ jackets, for a guy who just can't justify that, this one costs barely more than a denim jacket.

Get more info at Tecovas

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