ID’d: This is Joel’s Waxed Canvas Jacket from “The Last of Us” Worn by Pedro Pascal

ID’d: This is Joel’s Waxed Canvas Jacket from “The Last of Us” Worn by Pedro Pascal
You don't have to be a traumatized father fighting a fungi-based zombie apocalypse to wear this jacket.

One thing that sets Primer apart from more common “men's fashion” media is our focus on rugged, affordable style that lasts and has an enduring aesthetic. We also don't follow suit in featuring of-the-moment celebrities parading around in attention-grabbing outfits just for the sake of capturing clicks. So anytime we come across a movie or tv show with some realistic style inspiration, we love to find out how to recreate it.

pedro pascal as Joel in The Last of Us wearing a Flint & Tinder jacket
image from HBO

After watching the first episode of “The Last of Us” this week, I couldn't help but love not only the most intense first 15 minutes of a TV show in recent memory, but also by Pedro Pascal's character's rugged post-apocalyptic style. So imagine my excitement when I realized that the jacket he was wearing was none other than one of our all-time favorites – the Flint and Tinder Flannel-Lined Wax Trucker Jacket.

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The trucker jacket style has a history rooted in American workwear, and this jacket is no exception. Constructed with waxed and weather-resistant Martexin 7 oz. sailcloth, it's built to last and only get better with age as it wears and develops a patina, much like a leather jacket. Every time you wear it, the fabric will lighten in the creases and bends, creating your own unique wear patterns. It's a great alternative to the look of a leather jacket if you don't want to spend the $400+ required for a good one. Not only that, but it's versatile enough to wear with both casual and smart casual outfits.

andrew snavely wearing the flint and tinder waxed canvas trucker jacket

Plus, it's made right here in the USA by one of our best clothing brands for men, with the fabric coming from New Jersey and the final product cut, sewn, and finished in Los Angeles. It's waxed on both sides for added warmth and insulation and even re-waxable for a lifetime of water-resistance. It features a similar aesthetic to the James Bond waxed canvas jacket by Rogue Territory, with a notable style difference being the Flint and Tinder's button flap pocket on the chest.

image from HBO

Unlike some other waxed trucker jackets on the market, this one is soft from the get-go. That's thanks to the fully lined body and sleeves with soft blanket lining that feels amazing on the skin. And for the price, you can't beat the quality, construction, and versatility.

man wearing brown waxed canvas jacket by Flint and Tinder

If you're looking for a rugged, affordable jacket that will last you for years to come, the Flint and Tinder Flannel-Lined Wax Trucker Jacket is an excellent choice. And unlike many costumes in Hollywood franchises, you won't look like you're cosplaying like your favorite video-game-turned-hit-TV-show character.

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