The Amazon Outfit: Summer Weekend Road Trip

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Summer outfit inspiration with green jacket, tan tshirt and white jeans

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Amazon Outfit   all available with prime

The thickness and construction of this M65 Defender jacket from Alpha Industries make it an obvious choice for chilly evenings and top-down drives, but that also makes it great for layering and ultimately a year-round option. In fact, I wore it in an Amazon Outfit this past winter.

orient watch ao eyewear

One of the best affordable diving watches (like, actually for water) at the price point, the Orient Mako is a handsome watch that can easily be dressed up or down, and it just so happens to be a part of our upcoming mega guide to dive watches.

The American Optics square frame aviators are a perennial favorite around here, looking great regardless of how irregularly shaped your noggin is. Plus they were the shades of choice for the first men on the moon – they'll handle our weekend excursion with ease, and style.

clarks bushacre 2 with white jeans

The desert boot is a lightweight, comfortable boot, whose low profile pairs perfectly with the styles of spring and summer. The original desert boot by Clarks features a crepe sole, a menswear classic. However, I also like the Bushacre 2 shown here, which has a traditional rubber sole. I find the crepe sole tends to get dirty quickly and can look at odds with more dressed up outfits. Don't get me wrong, the original is amazing, but at half the price, the Bushacre 2 has some pro's too.

Leather duffel bag amazon

This leather duffel was one of the surprising standouts from all the bags we tested for our best affordable weekenders guide. Full leather construction with a nice lining and ample pockets, I regularly travel with it for road trips and as a carryon.

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M65 coat: Alpha Industries, $180

T-shirt: Goodthreads, $15

Leather duffel: David King, $131

Slim jeans: Levi's 511, $57

Desert boots: Clarks, $55

Diving watch: Orient, $155

Sunglasses: AO Eyewear, $100

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