The Amazon Outfit: Ready for Anything

A casual look that will carry you through the craziness of the holidays.

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I'm excited to announce that this is the first Amazon Outfit sponsored by Amazon and Philips! Special thanks to them for believing in Primer's affordable style mission. 

The Amazon Outfit   Ready for Anything

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I’ve been on the road off and on for four weeks now. First, Thanksgiving. Then, the inevitable work rush that happens before people take some real time off between Christmas and New Years. Now the holidays. I’m having a blast. But it also means I’m traveling pretty light.

That’s the inspiration for this Amazon Outfit – versatility in dressiness level, aesthetic, and warmth, with everything you see available with two-day shipping thanks to Prime and free returns if it doesn’t fit.

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I love this M65 military jacket. But it's the third one I bought. All three were from Alpha Industries. The first two were the traditional M65, I ordered two because one was in my size and one was sized down, which I had learned to do with Alpha's jackets with my parka. Unfortunately, the traditional M65 jackets were just so baggy: Makes sense if you're wearing it in the military, but to dinner with a slim fit shirt, not so much.

I was pretty bummed but then randomly came across the “Defender” model. This is a civilian take on the classic military jacket, without all of the bulk and extra space.  It also has a softer, more worn-in feel. Luckily with Prime, I returned the other two for free and got the Defender in two days. Win!

OneBlade Pro review

Philips Norelco OneBlade Pro, $69.96

As part of my nomadic lifestyle right now I’ve also been field testing the Philips Norelco OneBlade Pro two-in-one trimmer/shaver. I’ve written up my initial thoughts here. The gist of that first review?

Maintenance shaving should be as easy as brushing your teeth. For that, at home, the OneBlade Pro delivers. Fast, even, shaving and trimming. But how about on the road?

A couple features on the OneBlade Pro stand out so far: it’s compact, light, and holds a charge extremely well (for up to 45 minutes of shaving time). That means I’m not having to plug in every night or each time I move between Airbnbs or hotel rooms. The embedded LED indicator tells me when I need a charge (and so far it hasn’t been in an airport – whew).

Is it the same shave as a safety razor? No. But it’s not supposed to be. For guys with beards or, like me, lighter facial hair it’s nice – really nice – to spend that early morning time laying waste to a continental breakfast instead of shaving.

Since I found one of the 14 micro length settings that works for me a couple weeks ago I haven’t touched it since and the blades continue to feel plenty sharp and my maintenance shaves smooth.

You can pick up the OneBlade Pro on Amazon for $69.

206 collective boots

I'm pretty excited to add a pair of gray boots to my arsenal. Black boots can sometimes look cheap, plain or uniform-y, but in gray, these better show off the texture of the leather and the burnishing on the toe and heel.

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Philips Norelco OneBlade Pro

Alpha Industries M65 Defender

Goodthreads Lambswool Cable Sweater

Goodthreads Plaid Herringbone Shirt

Levi's 511 Slim Jeans

206 Collective Motorcycle Boots


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