Maintenance Shaving Should Be as Fast as Brushing Your Teeth: This is How I’ve Been Doing It For Years

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Special thanks to Philips and Amazon for believing in what we're doing at Primer and sponsoring this post. I've been using their trimmers for over 10 years and easily recommend them.

The holidays are nearly upon us

And with holidays comes a lot of social gatherings – office parties, friendsgivings, and family get-togethers. For a lot of us living distant to family it also means travel and living out of a suitcase for a week or so.
I love the travel and social surge that happens this time of year, but it also means a lot of pre-planning outfits for a lot more occasions … and all the personal grooming that comes with it.

Light or Infrequent Shavers, Take Note

Perhaps nowhere is the need for personal upkeep during the bustle more evident than shaving. For a lot of guys it’s a daily ritual. For me, however, it’s a little different.

I have blonde hair that requires infrequent maintenance; I can get away with shaving twice a week. As a result, I’ve used electric trimmers my entire adult life for a quick touch-up every couple of days.

There’s a reason I turned to using a trimmer 10+ years ago for the day-to-day: I have sensitive skin that is prone to acne and ingrown hairs from super-close shaving. A little bit of close to the skin stubble actually keeps my face healthier.

I’ve had a safety razor and badger shaving brush for years and I enjoy the ritual when I'm looking for an experience. I’m not trying to plant a flag in the (ahem) passionate debate over electric vs. multi-blade vs. straight razors.

But shaving can be a pretty convoluted experience if you think about it. For many, the ritual of pre-shave lotion, shave oil, shaving cream, after shave, and moisturizer is a positive experience. I certainly feel refreshed and centered with that barbershop-like pampering after taking the time. And actually having it done at a barbershop? Nothing else like it.

But for regular maintenance, shaving should be like clipping your toenails or styling your hair: quick and efficient.

If this sounds like you, consider giving an electric trimmer a try. Especially if sharp-bladed techniques always leave you with irritated, broken-out skin.

Believe it or not, my first foray into using a trimmer on my face was a Philips Norelco body groomer in college. It came with a couple of different head attachments and I gave a fresh one a go on my face after frustratingly trying to nail down some sophomore year-onset acne.

My facial hair was even less dense then, and so while a body groomer is definitely not the right choice for this job (it's designed for courser hair), it was a positive test in realizing super close shaving on the regular does not agree with my face. For me, close shaving is a bit like junk food. You do it every once in awhile and it's a great treat with nothing but a happy experience. Do it as your maintenance food? No bueno.

I upgraded to a proper face trimmer from Philips Norelco, and the rest is history. I've continued to purchase new ones over the years, and in fact, they've all been from Philips Norelco – a company that’s pioneered electric shavers since the 1940s.   That’s why I jumped at the opportunity to partner with Philips Norelco and Amazon to try out their newest trimer release, the OneBlade Pro.

I've been using the OneBlade Pro for a few weeks now. I use it dry and it provides a quality shave that’s accomplished in under 60 seconds. The build is plastic with a nice weight to it, and includes a slip-resistant rubber grip. It also shows the charge status with an LED to indicate when it’s fully juiced up, which is definitely a handy upgrade for me.

A new enhancement in the OneBlade line is the ability to replace the shave head if needed. On some other trimmers I’ve tried, the heads aren’t meant to be replaced but – in fact – oiled regularly (and who does that?). The OneBlade Pro can also be rinsed under water for easy clean up with no risk to the device or blade.

A close up of a razor

I love – and am grateful – that I can shave in such a short time – and I don’t even have to do it every day! For guys with thicker or faster-growing hair and beards, the OneBlade Pro is also worth a look.

And for guys who prefer a safety razor, I’d say the same thing – the OneBlade Pro isn't a replacement, it's a convenient tool for a specific application: off-day touch-ups when you want to save time.

For daily shavers who require more moisturizing, the OneBlade Pro can also be used wet and the long-lasting battery (up to 90 minutes of operation time) means you can throw it in your bag and use it all weekend while traveling.

Shaver + Trimmer = Contender For All-Arounder Status

Can the OneBlade Pro be both your electric razor and trimmer?

As a guy who couldn’t grow a beard unless I was granted a few wishes, I won’t pretend to be an expert on beard trimmers. But I experimented with using it to maintain a longer, consistent stubble, and the OneBlade Pro with it’s 14 micro length settings was quick, precise, and even.

OneBlade Pro guard

The Next Application: Travel

Thus far, the OneBlade has proven to be a well-built all-arounder that offers convenience and versatility at a competitive price point ($69.95 on Amazon with 2,700 reviews and a 4 star rating) and an upgrade to what I've been using.

I’m interested to see how it performs on several upcoming trips I have planned for the holidays – so stay tuned for my thoughts from the road!

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