Essentials: 11 Parkas for Spring + Style Inspiration Album

Essentials: 11 Parkas for Spring + Style Inspiration Album
April showers bring classic jackets.
Men's Spring Parka Style Inspiration

Spring is an interesting season. It promises warmer weather while still being oddly temperamental and inconsistent. You could be enjoying the sunshine one minute, a warm breeze on your face, and suddenly the heavens open up and soak you to your bone. That’s why it is important to utilize a classic Spring parka. Ideally, a spring parka will be lightweight so you aren’t sweating underneath it if the mercury starts to rise, but be heavy duty enough to withstand a solid storm.

While there are myriads of new takes coming out daily, we prefer the classic style with updated specs and designs. Herewith, a few of our favorites.

Target Parka

Target – Merona Rain Jacket, $35

If you're looking for a budget option because you're lucky enough to live in a mostly sunny place, this coat from Target's house line Merona offers color to any look without emptying your checking account.

Alpha Industries M-59 Parka

M59 Parka: Alpha Industries, $133 | Marled Sweater: H&M (similar), $30 | Light Denim: Gap (similar), $70 | US Made Boots: Thorogood, $158

Alpha Industries – M59 Fishtail Parka, $130

First used by the United States in the Korean War, the M59 offers a fishtail originally intended to be tied around the back of the legs to keep water out. The tail has two snaps and can be fastened to give it a straight bottom. If you're looking for a slim, modern fit you need to size down – I'm normally a small or medium but the x-small in the Alpha Industries fits perfectly. Get it on Amazon and you can return it for free if it doesn't fit. – Andrew

Asos Parka

Asos – Lightweight Parka, $67.77

Here is a stylish option that won’t break the bank. It comes in a regular fit which is perfect for layering. The deep burgundy with the contrast zipper is a welcome take on normal navy hues.

Snow Peak Parka

Snow Peak – Fire Protect Parka, $189

Snow Peak was founded by a mountaineer who was tired of current products falling short of his expectations. This piece is created with flame-resistant fabric so it should stand up just fine against rain and sleet.

H&M Parka

H&M – Parka, $50

This parka features drawstrings at the waist and enough pockets to carry half of all your possessions. The gray texture adds a bit of modernity, and the price is hard to argue with.

J.Crew Parka

J.Crew – Cottony-Nylon x250, $124 with ‘timetoshop'

Offering yet another classic, J.Crew stocks this number in three slightly different shades of blue. It’s light enough for the unexpected shower, and warm enough for spring nights that have a little nip in the air.

Frank and Oak parka

Frank & Oak – Fishtail Coastal Jacket, $135

Not much for colors or work in a strict business environment? This coated jacket with fishtail has a sense of a classic trench without making you feel like you're a 30s detective.

Penfield parka

Penfield – Kingman Jacket, $169

There have been many takes on the classic fishtail parka, but we’re partial to this one offered by Penfield. It’s easy to take care of (just throw it in the wash) and promises to stand up to the harsh New England weather.

Kway rain jacket

K-Way – Le Vrai Claude 3.0, $74

Lightweight, waterproof, and packable, the Le Vrai Claude 3.0 from K-Way is simple and to the point. It’s also fully customizable, so feel free to let those creative juices flow.

Gant parka

Gant Rugger – Pinstriped Parka, $450

Gant Rugger is known for their subtle variations on prep school classics, and this parka is no exception. Gant features a modernized version complete with distinguished pinstripes to set you apart.

Baracuta Parka

Baracuta – Derment Mountain Jacket, $490

While being on the pricey side, this jacket is sure to offer you protection for many seasons to come. Made out of a weatherized chambray, the jacket experts at Baracuta have concocted a timeless addition to any wardrobe.

Spring Parka Style Inspiration

Cooper Nolan spends his time actively adding to his list of life experiences while trying to stay in one piece. He is an avid reader that believes - much like his favorite authors - ones’ style should be classic with a touch of individualism. He prefers his coffee black, his days sunny, and his suits tailored. He is based out of Chicago, where he can be found yelling at a TV, urging on his hometown teams.

  • SalPic

    Hard to tell, but which would the absolute lightest one here? Florida summers are hot and rainy and I want to stay dry both outside and inside.

    • Andrew

      I think the Kway would be the lightest, and then the H&M.

  • Lindsay Schramm
    • Andrew

      That’s an awesome find!

    • Bill H.

      Wonder if you could wax that and make it waterproof…

  • Jeremy

    You recommend the M95 but do you have any experience with the M-65? It’s the Vietnam era jacket that the military commissioned Alpha to produce. In my area, they are cheaper by 20-30 bucks over the M95

  • hcm004

    Good article, but for the love of God, please set your links to open in a different tab by default

    • Andrew

      A lot of people find that annoying, you can do that by holding down the command key on Mac or Control on Windows when you click the link.

      • Syro

        Or click with the scroll wheel.

  • Kyle Greer

    Awesome timing and selections! I was just searching around for a good, cool weather rain jacket for an upcoming trip to Ireland. I’m thinking that I’ll opt for the M59. How does it feel in the 60F range?

    • Andrew

      I think 60f would be fine as long as you’re dressed appropriately with layers. Jealous of the Ireland trip, where will you be going?

      • Kyle Greer

        Thanks for the follow-up; that’s good to know! Yes, I’ll be planning on some layer options. We’re really excited for it. We’ll be driving (my first time driving outside the US) a multi-day route from Dublin-Waterford-Tralee-Portmagee-Clifden-Dublin.

        • bucajack

          Enjoy my homeland!

  • Keith Dodge

    I want to live in the style inspiration album all year long. Awesome collection of looks.

  • browneagle44 ロベルト

    A good parka can last forever. I picked up a parka from Aigle for a backpacking trip in high school. Still going strong, after 11-ish years 🙂

    • Andrew

      That’s awesome!

  • Peter

    For whatever reason I can just imagine Andrew waking up like a kid on Christmas when we finally got a rain day so he could finally take pictures for this article. “Hurry before the 0.1″ downpour dries up!”

    • Andrew

      Haha that’s too funny. You’re absolutely right. Worst part, I had a fever!

    • Daniel

      I was thinking exactly the same thing.

  • Vincent Adultman

    Can you do an article on light wash jeans? I already have a dark blue and black pair and i’m not sure where to go now.

    • Andrew

      Yes! It’s in the works! 🙂

  • Dan b

    Andrew, when you sized down in the jacket, were the arms still a good fit for your typical measurements. I wanna size down, but the at would put the sleeve lenth an inch short for me and I am curious if they run a touch long to compensate

    • Andrew

      Hey Dan, yep a little long even with the size down. It’s more about width then length.

  • Butch_Zee

    Scrolling down, one pic stops me in my tracks. Of course it’s the no-way-can-justify-spending-that-much $500 jacket haha.

  • Dan McKeown

    Just moved to Germany and picked up a nice spring jacket for €20. Score. 😀

  • Aaron Chapman

    How do you feel about the Thorogood boots? I see mostly good reviews on them online and I have been looking for a cheaper alternative to Redwings but there are a few bad reviews and I don’t want the sour apples to spoil the rest…

    • Andrew

      Love them, good leather and construction. My feet get warm sometimes and the soles are thicker than red wings but if you’re ok with that, they’re great.

      • Aaron Chapman

        Did you end up ordering them off Amazon or a physical store? This would be my first pair of boots so it might be a good idea to get fitted.

        • Andrew

          If they’re fulfilled by Amazon they have free returns.

  • Martin Calder

    As a scooter guy, if you want to look the part of a mod, you go with the fishtail. Since the weather is improving, I don’t think I will get one until the fall.

  • KJ

    Any idea what navy blue jacket the guy is wearing in the main “Style Inspiration” picture?

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