The Best Weekender Bags Under $125

The Best Weekender Bag Under $125

Head out of town in style with these affordable weekender bags.

Words & Photos by Andrew Snavely

The Best Budget Leather Weekender

Gusti Leder “Toby”

Amazon, $65
25 x 11 x 10 in
A hidden gem popular among style forums, this goatskin duffel comes looking like it’s seen some adventures right out of the box. The leather is naturally spotted, marked, and wrinkled giving it a distressed or vintage feel. It has 2 end pockets and a front pocket, and the inside has a finished green lining. A few comments on Amazon complained of a strong smell but I didn't have that experience at all. If you want a leather duffel but don't want to drop a lot of money, it's tough to beat this bag.

The Best Bang for Your Buck

S-Zone Canvas Leather Duffel

Amazon, $65
21.7 x 14.8 x 10.2 in
This classic and handsome weekender is made of canvas and buttery-soft oiled leather. That, and with it's nicely finished interior, make this bag seem like it should cost 4 times as much. Two outside zipper pockets stow small gadgets at a finger's reach and the inside has 2 zip pockets as well as 2 open top pockets. The bottom is canvas, but protected by metal feet. This bag design is available from a few brand names, likely being a white-labeled product.

The Best Quality Leather Weekender Under $125

David King & Co. Extra Large Duffel

Amazon, $125
23 x 12 x 12 in
If you're looking for a leather weekender of decent quality for less than the cost of a night in a hotel room, you're looking at it. Leather bags are virtually unavailable for less than a couple hundred dollars. Because of its more structured form it's also the largest bag on the list, that may be good or bad depending on what you're looking for. It features compartments on each end with travel pockets, and two zippered pockets on each of the long sides. The leather is soft and thick, and the inside is lined with black. The shoulder strap is also leather, which is a nice touch, though the back of it is canvas.

The Most Affordable Weekender

Kenox Large Canvas Duffel Bag

Amazon, $30
24 x 12 x 10 in
If you need a weekender that will haul your stuff in style but can't justify doling out decent money, this duffel is unbelievable at $30. Made entirely of handsome canvas, it features a classic webbed cotton styling and has 2 end pockets, one being mesh. If you tend to travel with roller bags as well, this duffel has a side strap to slide over your roller's handle making airport traversing a smidge easier.

The Best Minimalist Weekender


Everlane, $98
22 x 8.5 x 12 in
Everlane practically invented the trendy concept among online retailers of “radical transparency” and cutting out the middlemen markup of traditional luxury goods. Their rise to millennial fandom began with their clean and minimalist-designed twill weekender. The simple shape and lack of adornment gives the bag a designer look for less than C-note.

Which one is your favorite? Heading anywhere fun? Tell me in the comments!

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  • browneagle44 ロベルト

    I have everlane’s original green bag, with the red stripe. has to be at least four, if not five years old. I read reviews all the time that the originals fall apart-I don’t know what they’re packing (bricks?), but mine’s holding up really well.

    (photo is, sadly, not mine :P)

    • TominDC

      Some people are just really hard on their stuff.

      I’m always surprised by how long-lived my stuff are compared to the “general consensus” on the internet.

      • Andrew

        Haha same, some people talk about wearing through shoes in 3 months I’m like, “holy cow, what do you do???”

        • browneagle44 ロベルト

          I backpack in my wingtips. Don’t you??

  • Brad Glotfelty

    These all look great, but I have to say I love my Herschel Novel and it’s held up beautifully to weekly use for the past two years.

    • Joey Lenz

      It seems like Herschel are fine if you get one that isn’t messed up to begin with but their model seems to just be to replace a lot of defective product instead of having QC. I’ve had 3 (TWO replacements) and they always take a backseat to my Beckel bag.

  • Lindsay Schramm

    Bought the BF the S Zone off Amazon for Christmas. He absolutely loves it. Can carry a lot, looks fashionable and masculine, and looks way more expensive than $65.

    • Andrew

      Lindsay, I’m convinced you’re the best gf ever! Watches, bags, so jealous! 🙂

      • Lindsay Schramm

        Hahaha- it’s all because of you! We are both so invested in this site it’s insane! Keep up the good work.

    • Bullet Tooth Tony

      at 6 months in, how is it holding up? many complaints about busted zippers and clasps on Amazon giving me a bit of hesitation

      • Lindsay Schramm

        Hi! It’s still going strong. We only use it for weekend trips, not for everyday, so light-to-medium usage, compared to using it frequently. It’s a great bag!

  • John D

    Love my Beckel War Bag. Simple, sturdy, & made in the USA.

  • Jay Cordes

    These all look awesome- but I would hands down take the Patagonia Black Hole… This thing can be put through the wringer…and has backpack straps for easy hauling.

    • Andrew

      Backpack straps are a killer feature! It looks like it might have some molle webbing too.

  • hcm004

    As far as nylon Weekenders go, if you’re a member of Bespoke Post, they had a pretty good one. For $45, it’s hard to beat. I’m planning on upgrading to the Combat Gent canvas weekender soon; it doubles as a garment bag, hiding a suit in the lining, and shoes on either end. Everything I’ve had from them has held up well. And at $100, still a solid deal.

    • Syje

      I have that CG canvas bag, it’s pretty great! The zipper is a bit of a pain, so the bag works best when you unzip/unpack it completely when you get to your destination. Trying to keep it half packed, or trying to switch out a suit you’re wearing with a suit packed in the bag, is not ideal. It’s not a suitcase. That said, with just a little bit of planning, it’s great. The lining for the suit, the visual style, the size, etc, it’s a pretty dope bag.

  • Timothy Entinger

    Picked up Frost Rivers Flight Bag a few years ago which spawned a number of other purchases from them. Love their build quality.

    • Andrew

      Yeah, love Frost River! It was a bit more expensive than I wanted ($180) for this article.

  • Karl

    love the bags and I have a great one that I had found that is a classic looking canvas and leather Hanging Toiletry Bag for Men – Dopp Kit / Travel Accessories Bag that would go great in any weekender. $45.00 prime shipping and 300 reviews 5 stars.

    • Andrew

      That’s dopp kit is sexy!

      • Karl

        plus I just noticed this.

        LIFETIME GUARANTEE – Vetelli mens toiletry bags are backed up by a 100% customer satisfaction money back guarantee for life.

  • Joey Lenz

    No contest in the canvas category: Beckel Canvas are BIFL tier.

    • Andrew

      Have you had any trouble with the interior being unlined?

      • Joey Lenz

        I haven’t had any experiences with water or rain to judge it by- that I know of. I have put it through many flights as checked baggage and never noticed any issues though.

        • Andrew

          Oh sorry, I meant with the edges fraying and such. That’s the only reason I didn’t include my Beckel in this piece, the other options all had finished interiors.

          • Joey Lenz

            Oh, now I see. Yes, I have cut a few strings off here and there over the last few years but nothing excessive. Interior finish wasn’t a factor to me, mainly just fabric weight and zipper quality.

    • Bullet Tooth Tony

      is this item sold through Amazon?

      I cannot seem to find this particular model

  • Adam

    I have the s-zone bag in “rice white”, its more of a dirty cream but I needed to use the bag so I didn’t return it. Took it on an overnight business trip and it worked great as a carry on.

    • Andrew

      I loved the look of the cream.

  • proteinnerd

    I wish I had seen this before I bought the Gustin Waxed Canvas Duffel. Its not a bad bag but its just not worth the $127 and the 5 month wait….at least it looks nice and holds stuff, so its not a total waste but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone for that price and wait.

  • Ilyas Mohamed

    I’m not trying to suck up here but I genuinely love this community. The content is awesome and the people commenting with their suggestions and opinions are just as awesome as well. Keep it up Andrew and definitely keep it up guys!

    • Andrew

      Thanks Ilyas! I love everyone in the Primer community. Nowhere else can you find such a gentlemanly, positive, helpful, and constructive group of people. I’m really grateful for all the time you guys put in to making this something special.

      • Bullet Tooth Tony

        aesthetically, the S-Zones look great, but the reviews give me hesitation – lots of busted zippers and clasps, and missing straps.

        Any thoughts on that?

        May be affordable, but if oyu have to replace them all the time, might not be worth it.

        If you had to pick one of these based on reliability and ruggedness, what would you choose?

  • Adam

    If you’re buying a canvas bag and expect to take it through an airport, give it a couple coats of all weather shoe protector like you’d use on suede shoes. It’ll keep your bag looking fresh and make it a lot easier to clean, especially if you’re traveling somewhere that uses salt in the winter.

    • Andrew

      That’s a GREAT idea, thanks!!

  • TJ

    Both the first and the second ones look great. I’ve got a herschel weekender right now. I got it years ago and it is definitely showing its age. I don’t use it much so it has held up but I might have to switch it out for one of these.

    • Andrew

      I love the designs Herschel has, glad to hear it’s held up.

  • Ross

    Love these options however I found this duffel when looking at “GUSTI LEDER “TOBY” and wanted to know what your thoughts were on it. it’s called the HLC Genuine Leather Handmade Vintage Duffel. It has a messenger style closer which I love, but I have also read some negative reviews. Wondering if you looked into it while researching the Gusti Leder Toby?

  • EvanLA

    Andrew, I’ve been eyeing that David King & Co bag for a while now for an upcoming trip, but the negative reviews have made me hesitant. Some people have said it feels cheap – obviously we’re not at a 1k price point, but do you think it would hold up to several years worth of trips? I’m mainly just concerned about the thickness of the leather.


  • Junior Salters

    Bought the S Zone canvas leather and I love it! Thanks!

  • Greg

    A bit over budget for this article, but my Frost River flight bag has been my go to carry-on for all work travel and all personal weekend adventures for 4 years now. Many flights later and it’s still holding up perfectly. My jeans have rubbed some blue dye into the canvas from walking with it over my shoulder constantly but it actually looks pretty good.

  • chris lau

    Fashion bags!

    Flower Girl Dresses

  • James

    Anyone have any experience with JCrews Abingdon weekender? They can be had for under 150 on sale I think.

    Also should I be looking for waxed canvas vs just plain canvas? Is it true waxed can melt off if you leave it in a hot car for example.

    • Andrew

      I can’t imagine leaving it in a trunk would melt the wax.

  • Ben

    Thanks for the great article, as always, Andrew! My wife and I just placed our order for two bags for an upcoming beach trip and I can’t wait to see them!

    • Andrew

      You’re welcome! Which ones did you go with?

      • Ben

        We looked at the “Toby” and eventually went with the S-Zone. It has actually gone down in price some since this was published. She got it in the gray color and I got it in tan. They just arrived and honestly I’m stunned at the quality. It even smells good. It has that rich leather smell that I have come to love that signifies quality. Everything seems absolutely top-notch and I’m really happy with it.

        Primer has been such a great resource and is my favorite for all things related to manhood. So glad that you created this publication and am grateful to you for taking the time to respond to my comment.

        • Andrew

          I’m so glad it worked out! You’re very welcome, your comment just made my day! 🙂

  • Michelle C.

    Been trying to decide on a good weekender bag to buy my BF and I’m so happy I found this article…and this site! Huge help for future gift giving occasions =)