Primer’s Complete Visual Guide to Shorts – Updated!

Still struggling to find shorts that fit like a glove?We've updated our Visual Guide To Shorts including everything from inseam length to trim, taper, colors and more.

When dialing in your style with shorts, you have to take into account the little details to form the overall look of your outfit.

With so many shorts options in every men's clothing store, it's extremely difficult to narrow down your options and choose the best overall pair or style for you.

We've simplified the process for you, giving you a wide array of options and suggestions that you can tailor to your own personal preferences.

In addition to giving you a starting point with the inseam, we also guide you through the proper accessories to complete your look and exude confidence.

Explore our visual guide below!



Choosing shorts is complicated. You don't want a pair that flares out or makes your outfit baggy. We hope that you enjoyed this visual guide to help inform your style and improve your look.Now, go out there and strut your new style!


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