Cheat Sheet: A Visual Guide to Poker Hands & Their Hierarchy

Poker hand descriptions infographic

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  • Reply August 14, 2012


    Great job but for the sake of completeness you might want to add high card and also levels of full house. So trip eights and two sevens would beat trip sevens and two eights.

  • Reply August 17, 2012

    Jeff K

    Agree with Paresh.

  • Reply August 23, 2012


    Those would be good additions but have potential for confusion because there’s so many possibilities. This is a clean, and visually appealing cheat sheet. Basic terminology cheat sheet next? flop, turn, river, etc

  • Reply August 26, 2012


    But you can’t have trip eights and two sevens go up against trip sevens and two eights in the same hand…but I get your point.

  • Reply August 30, 2012


    True, but if you are going to define the ‘levels of full house’ you have to define the levels of two pair (pair of A’s and pair of K’s, beats pair of 4’s and pair of 2’s), level of trips, quads etc, etc. Before you know it the ‘cheat sheet’ becomes a cheat book. Maybe a small note under the image of those hands that talks about the different levels would help.

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