Live Action Getup: Classic in Any Era

Live Action Getup: Classic in Any Era
Even this weird one.

Thanks to Thursday Boot Co. for believing in Primer's mission of classic, affordable, quality style and teaming up with us on this post.

What is this?

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Get the Look:

Pea Coat

Man wearing black pea coat with gray sweatshirt and white oxford cloth button down

Shown: Amazon Essentials, $81 / Spend: Schott, $425

When it comes to most winter jackets, function tends to kick form off of the snowmobile. But a pea coat made with a high wool content is not only extremely warm, durable, and easy to wear, it's incredibly comfortable.

vintage photo of navy sailor wearing a pea coat

The pea coat is a classic cold weather staple dating back to the 1720s when it warmed the backs of European sailors in harsh weather. Three centuries later, the pea coat retains its venerable double-breasted, short-length design properties but reimagined with a lighter fabric composition that better suits the needs of a modern wearer less prone to taking to the high seas.

Matte Black Chunky Chelsea Boot

Matte black chunky chelsea boots from Thursday Boot Co

Legend Boot by Thursday Boot Co., $199

Anchoring this outfit are the chunky Chelsea boot, a style that easily became my go-to in the fall because of their ease to slip on and off throughout the day while working from home.

These are from Thursday Boot Co., a brand you're familiar with if you've been following Primer for any length of time because of their unique balance of cost and quality in the men's boot world.

These feature a resilient and handsome matte black leather, Goodyear Welt construction for better water resistance and longevity, and StormKing lugs on the outsole to keep you standing upright in winter weather.

Historians believe the Chelsea boot was originally designed by the shoemaker of Queen Victoria in the late 19th century and became quite popular prior to the world wars. In the 60s, the style hit the ground running again when kings of pop culture like The Beatles re-popularized the slim, laceless footwear.

Raglan Sleeve Sweatshirt

Andrew from Primer wearing a gray raglan sleeve sweatshirt

Shown: Alternative, $28 / USA-made: Gustin, $39

The simple gray sweatshirt is both minimalist and masculine. Its association with tough-skulled football players and hard-training boxers dates back to Benjamin Russell, the inventor and founder of Russell Athletic in 1926. In terms of classic, casual badassedness, it's a brother-in-arms with the pocket t-shirt.

Raglan sleeves are a personal favorite of mine. This refers to sleeves of a shirt or jacket that attach diagonally to the collar. I find they help shape and accentuate a man's chest and shoulders, and add a nice vintage touch to an otherwise plain garment.

Stretch Oxford Shirt

Close up of man wearing a white oxford shirt under sweatshirt and pea coat

J.Crew Factory, $34.50

Understandably so, many of us haven't worn a shirt with buttons on it in a long, long time with comfort and no social interaction dominating most of 2020.

I predict last year will be a notable turning point for clothing trends, with any old-school resistance to stretch fabrics that prioritize ease of movement finally put to bed. Luckily, this whole Getup is made of easy-to-wear all day items that guide you back into clothing beyond athleisure.

Mix up your oxford button down shirts away from the thick, stiff shirts of yore in favor for more modern stretch options.

Stretch Tapered Denim

man wearing slim dark blue jeans with black chelsea boots from Thursday Boot Co

Similar: Gap, $38.50

One thing I'm not sure can survive 2020? Tight, stiff, constricting jeans. That doesn't mean dark denim is going away. If anything, stretch versions will likely take the reign from more traditional business casual pants.

The key for making that work is having a tapered fit. That doesn't mean having to buy skinny or tight or uncomfortable denim fits. It's relative to your body type. Tapered simply means from the knee down, the leg progressively slims for a clean silhouette. I like to opt for no break or a quarter break, read our intro guide to alterations to learn more about pant breaks.

Khaki Cloth Strap Watch

Timex watch with a black face and tan cloth NATO strap

Timex, $30

At $30, this might be the most handsome cheap watch you can buy. It features a black face with instrument panel-style tick marks. The khaki fabric strap offers a smidge of color to an otherwise monochromatic outfit. Lightweight and durable, it's a confident $30 purchase.

Special thanks to Thursday Boot Co. for partnering with us on this Getup. Be sure to check out the matte black Chelsea as well as their full collection.

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