This Is Now My Go-to Boot Style for 2020’s New Normal

This Is Now My Go-to Boot Style for 2020’s New Normal
The chunky sole Chelsea boot is equal parts slip-on-slip-off comfort and the no-nonsense functionality of the rest of your WFH quarantine favorites. “So these are the joggers of boots” you ask? I like the way you think.

Special thanks to Thursday Boots for partnering with us to make this post possible!

We’ve always loved traditional Chelsea boots, and we can boil our love down to two mighty reasons:

  1. Their low profile and lack of laces add a modern, edgy spice to casual and smart casual outfits
  2. When they fit right, they’re exceptionally comfortable

No laces means a refined silhouette. Elastic sides means they move with you.

We can’t think of a boot that brings more style and comfort to the table.


Chelsea Boots Have Just One Drawback

Traditional Chelsea boots come with a leather sole or a rubber sole without much tread, which is part of what gives them such a slim, sleek profile.

Even though they’re a boot it’s like walking around in dress shoes all the time, and this can be an issue if your lifestyle is a bit more all terrain. 

Let’s face it, if you’re not going to the office or hitting a cocktail bar after work – and who is these days? – you probably want something a bit more comfortable and functional for your daily bang-around-town boot.

That’s where the chunky sole Chelsea boot comes in.

black chelsea boots men
Legend Chelsea in Black Matte
A person sitting in front of a truck

These Are The Chelsea Boots For 2020

You might be thinking, “I’m working from home … most days I wear socks to work!”

The reality is, most of us are living a hybrid life right now – working from home part-time or full-time but also running out for food and supplies, a scheduled slot at the gym, or to meet friends outside and socially-distanced.

These unusual times have created a need in my wardrobe for a boot that’s both convenient and put-together. I need something I can pull on and off to walk the dog, hop on a video conference, and run to the store – all before lunch.

And if you were already a shoes-off household, the idea of wiggling your feet into some stiff boots and lacing them up every time Captain Schamus McPuppers wants to go outside – you know full well what I’m talking about.

A Feature-Rich And Functional Boot

Our pick is the Legend Chelsea from Thursday Boot Company that combines some features you may not have seen before …

Refined leather upper with a low profile (classic Chelsea)


Rugged rubber sole (usually seen on work boots)


Elastic (classic Chelsea)


Goodyear welts (premium Chelsea and work boots)

Are you noticing a trend?

The Legend is a ruggedized Chelsea boot.

Or maybe it’s a more stylish, refined work boot.

Or it’s the hybrid of the two: 

The all-weather toughness of work boots and the convenience of pull-on Chelsea boots plus the street cool of every British rock musician ever.

chunky brown chelsea boots
Thursday Boots, $199

As with all Thursday Boot Company offerings, the Legend boasts an enviable set of premium features.

  • Safari waxed WeatherSafe suede and Goodyear welt construction make it exceptionally waterproof and long-lasting.
  • The StormKing rubber lug outsoles lend grip on wet surfaces – key during the winter months.
  • Under the hood, steel shanks make it rigid while cork-bed midsoles cushion and mold to your feet.

To be blunt about it, you’re not going to find such a rich set of premium features – Goodyear welts, premium leather, transparent craftsmanship – at Thursday’s price point.

You Get More Than You Pay For

It’s why we continue to work with Thursday Boot Company: they’re constantly looking for ways to achieve excellent personal style and long-lasting function without the on-trend, premium price tag. They’re kind of the Primer of men’s boots, to be honest.

It’s worth noting that as inflation marches on and disrupted supply chains raise commodity prices worldwide, Thursday’s price point hasn’t changed since a chance encounter in Nicaragua led to their founding by two college buddies in 2013.

It'll Be Your Go-To Also

We guarantee you’ll wear your chunky Chelseas everyday during this mess out of comfort – and well beyond for great style once things get back to normal.

Check out all the colors of the Thursday's Legend Chelsea Boot here.

What is your day-to-day quarantine uniform, now 8 months in? Let's chat in the comments!

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