6 Smart Outfits for Wearing Black Pants Outside of Work

6 Smart Outfits for Wearing Black Pants Outside of Work
Stop buying "single tasker" pants for the office.
haggar logo We're excited to collaborate with Haggar on this post, a company making it easier for men to dress affordably for 93 years. Check out their new Iron Free Premium Khaki for only $37.

What is this?

Notable chefs like Thomas Keller and Alton Brown are outspoken about their hatred of single task kitchen tools. They take up too much space and cost too much money for how little they can accomplish. They sit unused in all but the most necessary situations.

For a lot of men these days, work clothes end up the same way. They have a singular purpose: to fulfill the requirements of their office dress code, and these men would never choose to wear their office clothes in the evenings or on weekends.

Why? Well, let me count the ways:

Traditionally, work pants in the form of “slacks” and khakis are treated as if they’re delicate and should be reserved only for their work purpose. On top of that, nobody gets excited about having to spend money on pants they only get to wear to work.

They wrinkle easily and so no guy is going to choose to iron a pair of pants on a Saturday afternoon if his jeans are also an acceptable choice.

They’re stiff and uncomfortable for guys on the go, and when comfort is part of the decision, work pants don’t even get considered.

And finally, and perhaps most importantly, guys have a hard time wearing their work pants beyond the office because they’re in a looser, older-man fit that makes them look odd with more casual shirts and footwear.

When you break it out like this, classic office pants are the worst offenders for being single taskers. Outside of the most precise business casual environments, they stay in our closets both because of aesthetics and comfort.

So what if I told you it’s possible that, with the right pair, you can have perfect, corporate-ladder-climbing office style AND still be able to wear them comfortably and more casually outside of work?

Well, in the following 6 outfits, I’m going to prove it – not only that, I’m going to double down and do it with black khakis – a color many men shy away from for casual style.

We know what makes a pair of pants office single taskers…what are we looking for in work pants that can also double as comfortable, stylish, casual go-tos?

  • They should have a slim, modern fit to not look out of place with other smart casual elements
  • They should feel like you can wear them without worrying like you’re going to wear them out
  • They stretch and flex and are comfortable for guys out and about and doing different things all day
  • They’re wrinkle-free so they’re as easy to opt for as a pair of jeans
  • They should be affordable

That's why we reached out to Haggar. I found all of this in their Iron Free Premium Khaki. I’m sure you’re no stranger to the brand, Haggar can be found in stores like Kohl's, JCPenney, and Haggar.com making them easily available and budget-friendly.

Founded in Dallas in 1926, Haggar has a long history in advancing men’s clothing. Beyond running their factories 24 hours a day to supply the military with uniforms during World War 2, they invented the pre-cuffed pant in 1940, were the first to offer “suit separates,” which allow men to buy suit jackets and pants in different sizes, introduced wrinkle-free pants in 1992, and have been making the Pro Football Hall of Fame Gold Jackets since 1978.

So beyond the features we’re looking for, there’s 93 years of heritage backing them up.

khakis with no break sneakers

Fit & Break

More than anything else, to be able to wear your work pants outside of the office they need to have a modern fit.

Specifically, you want to make sure your pants are the right length. I like to wear my pants with no break. Break is how much the pant legs fold over onto themselves. With no break, the end of the pants sit cleanly on the top of your shoes. This is also why having a slim opening is important: Wider leg pants with no break could give you the “high water” look – but the same length pants in a slimmer leg creates a streamlined, modern style that allows you to wear the pants with dress shoes and sneakers.

Men's Outfits with Black Pants

Tell me which is your favorite in the comments below!

1. Autumn Smart Casual

2. Rugged Weekend

3. Brunch in the Arts District

4. Casual Americana

denim jacket beige sweater black pants brown boots men

Pants: Haggar / Jacket / Sweater / Boots / Guitar

5. Sunday Stroll

camel topcoat, black pants, denim jacket, gray sneakers men outfit

Pants: Haggar / Coat / Jacket / Sneakers

6. Holiday Dinners

brown blazer black khakis tan shoes

Pants: Haggar / Blazer / Shoes

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