The Getup: A Modern Casual Outfit Meets Everyday Sophistication

The Getup: A Modern Casual Outfit Meets Everyday Sophistication
You don't HAVE to tell anyone how comfortable it is.

This outfit is your secret weapon for looking sharp without skimping on comfort. You've got the simplicity of a fleece jacket paired with the traditional structure of a button up but made of soft knit, all while the tri-blend tee and sneakers keep things laid-back. Slide into these refined stretch Italian chinos and strap on a Timex with classic Rolex vibes, and you've crafted an ensemble that's low-key luxe. It's a polished, casual look that doesn't just say you've got it all together—it feels like it too.

Dress Level: Smart Casual

Aesthetic: Heritage Meets Modern

A collage of men's outfit items, including a navy blue jacket, a dark olive green shirt with two chest pockets, a pair of light beige chinos, and a grey crew neck t-shirt, and a pair of black high-top sneakers. A silver wristwatch with a white face displaying the day and date, and a black pen. Above the items, there are color swatches coordinating with the clothes and accessories. The logo "Primer" is at the bottom right corner.

Fleece Coach's Jacket: J.Crew / Alt style on Amazon

Soft-knit Shirt: J.Crew / Amazon Essentials featured here with others

Heathered Tee: Buck Mason / Bella Canvas / Target

Italian Tab Waist Chinos: Bonobos

Sneakers: Nike Blazer Mid 77 (see our full piece for more outfits)

Watch: Timex Legacy Watch / The real thing: Rolex Day-Date

4 in 1 Phone Stand Multitool Pencil: Huckberry

Outfit Styling Tips

The outfit's vibe is cool, effortless, and unmistakably sharp. It's the kind of smart casual mix for a guy who wants to look put together but needs to feel comfortable. It's not about the pieces themselves but how they come together to form a look that's both casual and refined. The clean lines of the tab chinos combined with the high-tops balance the more chameleon-like top 3 layers. It's an outfit that works as a whole because it's all about balance: sharp but not stiff, relaxed but not sloppy, utilizing a color hierarchy to bring it all together.

Outfit Occasion Suitability

This style works for those days that blend leisure with a touch of necessity—think brunch dates, casual Fridays, or a relaxed evening out. It's smart without being stuffy, making it ideal for places where you want to look put-together yet approachable. It has you covered for most semi-casual settings where making a good impression is key, but so is comfort.

illustration of a man wearing a blue jacket, green shirt, gray t-shirt, tan chinos, and black nike blazer high tops

Seasonal Revisions

When the weather warms up, you can lose the fleece jacket, or ditch the shirt and go for a jacket of either color. In cooler or wetter months, consider layering with a thermal underneath the tee, or switch the sneakers for boots to keep the chill at bay. The versatility of the chinos means they work year-round, just adjust your top layer and footwear to match the season.

Dress Code Adaptations

Dress Codes, Explained

This outfit works as a solid base to go either more casual (ditch the green shirt), or dressier (lose the t-shirt, add a shawl collar sweater, and swap loafers or nice boots for the sneakers). To go really casual, drop the chinos for your favorite jeans.

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