The Black Waxed Canvas Jacket You’ll Wear Everywhere This Fall + 3 Outfits

The Black Waxed Canvas Jacket You’ll Wear Everywhere This Fall + 3 Outfits
Here's a jacket that gets it: true style doesn't scream for attention; it effortlessly commands it.

Thanks to Thursday Boot Co. for believing in Primer's mission of classic, enduring style and partnering with us on this post!

My wife and I were sitting on the front porch today while our girls rode their scooters in the driveway, and we noticed a few orange leaves sprinkled across our yard. “Am I nuts,” Katie said, “Or are the leaves already starting to change?” Granted, it’s only August; it’ll be another five weeks or so until the green leaves of our oaks have all changed into an oil painting of autumn, mottled red and orange. Nonetheless the conversation got me thinking about fall, which is my favorite time of year for the crisp air, the hot apple cider, and of course the cashmere sweaters with jeans. 

Black Thursday Waxed Canvas Jacket - fall outfit with black jacket, beige thermal, brown chinos
The Thursday Boot Co. Waxed Canvas Field Jacket comes in 3 colors and is available sizes S-XXL and shares the athletic fit of their leather jackets. Andrew is wearing a small, and often straddles the small/medium line.

That being said, this year my budget is tight (new car and what not), so I’m looking for ways to simplify my fall wardrobe. I need a few pieces with maximum versatility. Ordinarily I would lean into earth tones, but this season I want something with a little more of an edge; let’s say a soft edge. And black is the answer. I love a leather jacket, but the fact is they’re expensive, and they’re not well suited for all weather conditions (and East Coast autumns are a weather crapshoot). We’ve showcased waxed canvas jackets before, but this season I’m specifically eyeing up the black waxed canvas field jacket from Thursday Boot Co

black jacket with khakis and grey sweatshirt
Thursday Boot Co. Waxed Canvas Field Jacket

Here are a few reasons why this might be the ultimate fall jacket:

You Can Dress It Up or Down

At its core, the waxed canvas jacket is a casual jacket, right at home with a lightweight hoodie or a long-sleeved t-shirt and dark denim. That being said, the finish on the waxed jacket from Thursday Boot Co. has the perfect balance between matte and shine. The matte (with matte-finish brass buttons) mates it well with casual wear, and the mild shine means you can dress it up for a night out after work.

Thursday has chosen to make this jacket’s hand lean more soft than rigid, with a solid gray blanket lining, so no matter how you style it, it’s comfortable (and just warm enough). And since the aesthetic design is minimalist it easily traverses color palettes, dress levels, and personal styles. 

black outfit with black jacket, black jeans, black boots, and blue t-shirt

The Material Adapts to the Ambient Weather

Thursday Boot Co. sources their canvas from Halley Stevensons, a textile mill dating back to the 1800s. Halley Stevensons started in the jute weaving business and eventually found their signature with waxed cotton. Only a few companies in the world specialize in waxed cotton, and Halley Stevensons supplies fabric to the highest-quality jacket makers like premium-priced Barbour, and now Thursday.  

thursday boots black waxed canvas jacket
The jacket body has a soft solid gray blanket lining for comfort and warmth without adding bulk.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with a leather jacket, so long as you know it’s not going to rain. The waxed canvas jacket is pretty much ready for anything. When it’s warm outside, the wax softens and allows the cotton to move freely and breathe. When the temperature drops, the wax becomes more rigid, increasing its wind resistance. While it’s not a raincoat, there’s nothing to fear if you get caught in a light shower. In fact, waxed canvas was developed originally to be used on boat sales – so it’s no stranger to demanding wet conditions.

close up of thursday label and waxed canvas
Made of English Halley Stevensons' waxed canvas, it isn't stiff and doesn't get the white creases of some others.

It Matches Pretty Much Everything You Own (Including Brown)

The rule used to be that black was reserved for after 6pm, but now we know that black is the timeless color: You can rock a black jacket for breakfast just as smoothly as you can rock it for cocktails. Black is one of the best neutral palettes, which means it probably matches the pieces you already own, even brown. It adds subtlety to loud colors and adds depth to muted ones. It also sets the tone of the overall outfit, what I’m going to call confident nonchalance. 

Black and brown together in an outfit? Absolutely, just look to nature. Think of the mingling of black and brown in the fur of many animals. It's a combination that's elegant, natural, and when executed with intention, sophisticated. Read our detailed guide to nail the nuances of this style combo.

black waxed canvas jacket

You’ll Wear it This Season, and The Next…

Like you, waxed canvas jackets only get better with age. The wax takes on subtle wrinkles, creases, and shifts in tone that add depth and complexity to the canvas underneath. Let’s call it a patina. Thursday uses Halley Stevensons's 10 oz. canvas, offering a jacket that's durable enough to pass down to your kid someday but crafted with a lightness that ensures it's comfortable to, you know, actually wear it now.

black outfit with black jacket, black jeans, and black boots with blue t-shirt

And because a black jacket never goes out of style, this isn’t going to be the fad of Fall 2023. This is the one you reach for because you’re running to the grocery store for milk; you’re taking the dog for a walk in the park; you’re taking your partner out for a birthday dinner. It’s the jacket, and it’ll be your staple closet piece in no time.

Get more info including colors and sizes over at Thursday Boot Co.

Mike Henson

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